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Moving locally can be just as tedious and frustrating as a long distance move. But we ensure it goes smoothly and quickly. We take great pride in providing outstanding and cost-effective moving services to each and every customer regardless of how small or big their move is. Bought a new house? Finally got approved for the beach-front condo? Finally moving out of mom’s house? Our reliable team of professional movers and specialists see to it that our customers get the service they need and all the details involved with it. We believe that when properly informed, out customers are able to make better decisions that meet their personal moving needs.

Whether you are moving a large house or a studio apartment, our reliable movers are well trained to handle all aspects of your local moving needs. We can go over your moving details over the phone or in person. We offer free in-home estimates to all customers. You can also create a list of your items and their dimensions and send it to us through email at A detailed inventory list will allow us to create a detailed and personalize moving estimate that meets your needs and will not hurt your budget.


Our primary goal is to ensure your items are safely relocated to your new home in a reasonable time frame. We know you need your items and that is why we ensure your delivery is made same day or next day without any hassles!

Our crews are trained and prepared to disassemble and reassemble your items on pick up and delivery. Some items like furniture can be difficult to handle yourself so our crew is ready to do the job without damaging your items.

Many customers think they have to load and unload their own items. That is not the case with New Jersey Transport. We are a full service moving company and provide both loading and unloading of all your items. Rest assured your items are in good care.

When it comes to long distance moving, open communication is extremely important. We understand that you want your items and expect updates on all aspects of your move. That is why we work hard to keep an open line of communication with all customers giving them current updates on pick up and delivery details.

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