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Frankford Township Senior Citizen Movers

What Our Customers Are Saying about Us?

Frankford Township Senior Citizen Movers

Our Friendly, Affordable, Local Mover with a Social Purpose on Top!
We’re the movers that make life easier for you on a potentially stressful day. The difference you’ll find moving with New Jersey Transport is how well we treat you and your belongings. The care we take, and the consideration we show you, comes from our roots. We began by providing much needed moving services to seniors and people with disabilities . We still do that, but now we provide that same level of friendly, considerate and careful service to you.

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When you move with us you get efficient service with a smile – you also help us provide moving services for people in need, since a portion of our profits goes towards subsidizing packing and moving services for our social service clients. So on top of a stress-free move, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping your community.
How a Moving Company Came to be Called New Jersey Transport?
New Jersey Transport is not your usual name for a moving company. But then, we’re not your usual moving company. The difference is in our beginnings. It was impossible to find low cost, ethical movers, so Todd rolled up his sleeves, got out of his office and into his van…and moved them himself.

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He provided the same services for low-income seniors.
We’re proud of our beginnings! And even prouder that we’ve grown into a company that continues to provide moving services for seniors and people with disabilities. In fact, we’re the only mover in the greater Frankford Township area that provides high quality, respectful, award-winning moving services to those in need.
Local Frankford Township Senior Citizen Movers
Our service ethic and mission of taking care of people in what can be a stressful situation is what makes us the moving company that cares.

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Our mission to provide ethical, affordable, friendly services just naturally extends to our local moving customers. Because we know that moving day can be a little stressful, we show up on time, listen to your needs, and get to work professionally and efficiently.
Because we’re a purpose-driven company we tend to attract considerate, friendly team members who will – yep – give you a smile while they work. On moving day that smile can make all the difference.

Making a difference is what we’re all about. We take pride in being a part of the social service safety net in the greater Frankford Township area. This is our community – we’re from here, love it here, and love working with our neighbors.

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We hope you’re the next neighbor we serve.
We’re licensed and certified and fully insured, so you, your belongings and your dwellings are fully protected. Also all of our friendly, service-oriented team members are background checked.
Our low rates make us one of the most affordable legal moving companies in the Frankford Township area.
We’re in the moving business for good! To us that means that when we do well by you, our customer, and we do well by helping the disadvantaged in our community – then it’s all good.
Packing & Unpacking

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Packing and unpacking your own stuff is kind of like giving yourself a used birthday present – it’s just not very fun! That’s why we’re here to help you pack up your belongings quickly and efficiently, and then get them unpacked in the same manner. So you spend less time living among boxes, and more time living comfortably with your stuff. Packing and unpacking your own stuff – hard. Calling New Jersey Transport to do it for you – easy!
We specialize in smaller, local moves. So if you’re moving from a one to three-bedroom apartment or house to a dwelling of similar size, you’re right in our sweet spot. And we do mean sweet, because our good natured, careful crew shows up on time, gives you a big smile, and gets right to work creating a stress-free move for you. Getting your stuff from here to there was never so easy!
Moving out of state? We also coordinate out of state moves.
Social and Senior Services
We may have branched out but we remain true to our roots. In fact, we’re the only moving company in the greater Frankford Township area that provides high quality, respectful, award-winning and moving services to people with disabilities and seniors . We work with many agencies in the area, including Frankford Township Community Warehouse, as well as individuals who need low cost packing, unpacking, and moving services.
Additionally, we have a cleaning division that offers a variety of support services. To learn more, please contact us and we can discuss your particular needs, ensuring that we provide the best service for you.

Frankford Township Senior Citizen Movers
Frankford Township Senior Citizen Movers
Frankford Township Senior Citizen Movers

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