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Manchester Township One-Piece Movers

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Manchester Township One-Piece Movers

Personalized Long-Distance One-Piece Moves
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New Jersey Transport: One-Piece Movers in Manchester Township

Long distance small moves are our specialty

New Jersey Transport defines a “small move” as any move less than 3,500 pounds. That means anything from 1-2 pieces of furniture and a few boxes up to the contents of an average 2+ bedroom home. Our specialty is long distance small moves travelling over 150 miles.

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With our nationwide network of professional shippers, New Jersey Transport can offer personalized long-distance small move shipping services at lower rates than large van line movers, whether you’re moving to the next state or across the country. Our small load specialists will coordinate the logistics of your move, ensuring a smooth process from pickup to delivery.

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Since 1989, New Jersey Transport has focused on building solutions and serving customer needs for small moves and specialty shipments.
• New Jersey Transport manages an average of 7,500 small moves each year nationally.
• The average small move for New Jersey Transport weighs 1,000 pounds.
• The average miles of a long distance move with New Jersey Transport is 1,200 miles.
• There is a team of logistics experts at New Jersey Transport that works to understand your needs and put together the best solution. A team of operations experts picks it up from there and oversees the safe and timely transport of your items.

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What is a small move?
New Jersey Transport considers any move under 3,500 pounds to be a small move. This could be a small as a single item of furniture or a few boxes, or as much as a 2+ bedroom home.
Why should I use less-than-truckload shipping for a long-distance small move?
Long distance small moves typically don’t fill the back of an entire truck. Regardless of how much you’re moving, large van line movers will PRICE your move using a minimum weight threshold—typically 3,500 pounds in the summer and 2,500 pounds in the winter. That means you’ll pay for space you are not using.

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New Jersey Transport works with freight providers who specialize in something called “less-than-truckload shipping”. Most less-than-truckload freight providers won’t pick up cargo from private residences, but with our nationwide network of professional shippers, you can get personalized long-distance small move shipping services, and you’ll only pay for the space your belongings take up on the truck.
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Get an online quote or give our logistics specialist a call at 888-502-6121 to get started.

Manchester Township One-Piece Movers
Manchester Township One-Piece Movers
Manchester Township One-Piece Movers

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