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Piano Moving Midland Park

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Piano Moving Midland Park

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New Jersey Transport – Professionals You Can Trust
The Only Source You Need
-Local, national, and international piano moving
-Cabinet repair, detailing, and polishing
-Short-term / Long-term and Low / High Volume Storage
-Piano warehousing and distribution services
-Disaster restoration (Water, Fire, Smoke)
Piano Moving Company New Jersey
Pianos require a lot of care and maintenance. They’re a serious investment and you want them treated right. That’s why you can’t trust just anyone with yours now that it’s time to move it. You need someone who knows what they’re doing. New Jersey Transport are the leading experts when it comes to moving, storing, and caring for pianos in New Jersey. Let us take care of you!

New Jersey Transport: Piano Moving In Midland Park

Why You Need Professional Movers
There are a lot of different reasons why you need a professional, but one of the leading reasons is because pianos are delicate. The common misconception is that pianos are huge and heavy, so they must also be sturdy and dependable. This isn’t true. Pianos have tons of intricate working parts that make them extremely delicate, so you shouldn’t treat them like they’re indestructible. Professional piano movers in New Jersey can protect them from both cosmetic and internal damage while moving.
Experience is another important reason to go with a professional piano mover in New Jersey. While regular movers have experience lifting and carting around heavy objects, they just don’t understand pianos. You want to save yourself the cost of having to retune pianos at the end of the destination, or worse… restring them because a chord got broken or a key got smashed. Piano movers know the logistics required to keep your piano from going completely out of tune and have the ability to tune it back up when it goes a little out during the move. That saves you the expense of tuning and stringing again later.

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Piano Movers New Jersey
Why Choose New Jersey Transport
The next question you may ask is why choose New Jersey Transport?
We are the experts! We have over [CURRENTYEAR-STARTYEAR] years of experience moving, storing, and tuning pianos and organs so we know what we are doing.
In fact, we are the exclusive moving company for the largest piano retailers along the Midwest coast, and have moved some of the most PRICEless collector pianos in the industry. Our warehouse space can securely store your piano in our nearly 50,000 square feet of space.
We are reliable and take the utmost care with your piano. Our staff is fully qualified to put the safety of your piano first and move it to the new location in perfect condition. We are the largest piano mover on the Midwest coast, making us the best piano movers New Jersey has ever seen ??
Our experts are qualified to move pianos locally or nationwide for any of your needs. We are experienced with measuring, transporting, and tuning any piece of equipment from organs to grand pianos.
We make ourselves fully available for any and all questions and concerns. Feel free to give us a call with any concerns you may have about your piano’s handling and what equipment we use to move your piano.

Best Piano Moving In Midland Park, New Jersey

Piano Moving New Jersey
Our Services
We offer a variety of services for all of your piano needs. Trust us for more than just moving, because we handle moving, storage, crating, and various other services, including:
-Cabinet repair, detailing, and polishing
-Short or long term high and low volume storage
-Crating and shipping services
-Warehousing and distributing services
-Disaster restoration from water, fire, and smoke damages
Moving Your Piano To Or From Midland Park
We understand that your piano is a work of art. It’s an instrument, but it’s also an heirloom that is the centerpiece of your décor and a vital part of your family’s culture. Let us carefully move your piano to its new home so it settles in happily.
Our piano moving service in Midland Park includes local moves, long distance moves, and international crating and shipping concerns. Our professionals take every necessary precaution and a few extras as well. No matter how close or far you move, we never send less than 2 trained movers with a specially designed moving equipment set built specifically for your type of piano. Our trucks are also designed custom to make moving your piano safe and secure.
We service the whole state of New Jersey, as well as much of the MidWest Coast, so you can rest assured that we’ll be able to help you move your piano in New Jersey ??
We also know how to properly crate and ship your piano across longer distances and country borders. We use sturdy cardboard for air shipments, heat-treated wood for ocean trips, and wraps and padding to protect the piano and prevent it from moving inside the crate or having the finish get marked or chipped.
We customize each crate to the piano’s shape and design and clearly mark them with relevant information so that uncrating and unpacking is a seamless experience that doesn’t damage your piano.
Find out more abut how we move our pianos by contacting us at [email protected] or calling 888-502-6121. One of our New Jersey Transport experts will be happy to help ease your mind and teach you about piano moving needs.

Piano Moving Midland Park Near Me

Piano Storage New Jersey
Storing Your Piano
On top of moving services, we can also store your piano. We are fully qualified to store any type of piano or organ, including:
-Spinet upright
-Studio Upright
-Full Upright
-Baby and Parlor Grand
-Semi-Concert and Concert Grand
-Digital and Digital Grand
Our warehouse has nearly 50,000 square feet of space, so just let us know what type of piano you have, where to pick up your piano, how many steps there are between your driveway and your piano, and any special circumstances we should know about and we will give you a quote today!
Piano Servicing New Jersey
Servicing Your Piano
Our expertise is not limited to storing and moving pianos, either. We also employ trained professionals with a passion for pianos that make sure that your piano remains a beautiful work of art because we believe every piano has an individual personality and unique appeal. We want to make your piano shine and stand out as the beauty it is.
We offer the following fixes and face lifts for your piano:
-Mechanical (action) repairs like tuning, sticking keys, refinishing, interior restorations, action builds, and more
-Dent, ding, scratch, and chip repairs
-Restoration of luster and shine, re-coloring, and traditional refinishing
-Full piano detailing, including cabinet, brass, and steel
-Restoration after disasters like flooding and fires
No matter how old your piano is or how it is designed, we will help it look brand new and beautiful. Give us a call today and let us go to work for you!

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Piano Moving Midland Park
Piano Moving Midland Park
Piano Moving Midland Park

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