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Union Township Storage Movers

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Union Township Storage Movers

Moving and Storage – Union Township, NJ
From one box to an entire house, we can store it with our Union Township, NJ storage services. Whether you need to store a few items for a short time or an entire household for an undetermined amount of time, we have the clean, secure and even climate-controlled Union Township, NJ storage space available! Don’t trust your belongings to the local mini storage – choose the professionals at New Jersey Transport to watch over your items instead!

New Jersey Transport: Storage Movers in Union Township

We have two options for household storage: Storage-in-Transit and Permanent Storage.
What’s the difference?
S.I.T. or Storage in Transit refers to temporary storage of your items pending further transportation. This may be necessary when your new home isn’t ready to occupy and your items must be stored.

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You must specifically request this service and the time your goods are in storage cannot exceed 90 days for private transferees or as determined by your company’s corporate relocation contract with New Jersey Transport, which vary, however typically extends S.I.T. to 180 days.
Additional charges apply, along with warehouse handling and final delivery charges.
During this time any valuation plan that was purchased during the pickup will cover the shipment in the event of loss or damage.

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Permanent Storage refers to storage of your items for more than 90 days for private transferees and up to 180 for our corporate contract customers. After S.I.T. is up, and the shipment is still in storage, the shipment “converts” from S.I.T. to what is called “permanent storage.”

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What is the difference between SIT and permanent storage? Nothing physically; the goods remain in the same warehouse and nothing physically changes. What does change is who is liable for loss or damage to the goods.
In addition, after your shipment converts to permanent storage, the default coverage is $0.60 per lb. per article unless an additional coverage was purchased. Two types of coverage are available.
Some of the items we can store include:
• Household Goods
• Vehicles, boats and trailers
• Hot tubs, sheds and play structures

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New Jersey Transport is a Union Township, NJ that provides top moving value and professionalism to individuals and businesses. We can help you move across the street, across the country, or anywhere around the world. We look forward to working with you to make your next move the best experience possible!


Union Township Storage Movers
Union Township Storage Movers
Union Township Storage Movers

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