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10 Awesome Remote Work Blogs To Read In 2022

“People want respect and fairness and to be listened to, and to have their diverse needs thought about. That operates in workplaces now in a way I genuinely don’t think it did a generation ago”. The launch of ChatGPT has reignited the debate about how advances in technology could reshape the world of work. In this podcast, Nimmi and Lucy explore the opportunities and challenges that automation and emerging AI technologies present and the extent to which these technologies can be leveraged to create good work and more diverse and inclusive workplaces. As expectations around work continue to evolve, Colin and Tarun discuss the big questions surrounding the future of the platform economy, including opportunities to foster good work and the impact of regulation on the future landscape. This is the second article in a two-part series by Lewis Silkin LLP exploring the trends emerging from the pandemic in relation to the future of the office.

  • It highlights qualifications, skills, goals, and experience that grab the attention of hiring managers.
  • We want to help you meet your duties, control your costs, and attract and retain quality staff.
  • I can confidently say that my favorite aspect about this experience was how interactive the work was.
  • You can explore the details or get started now by upgrading in your ChatGPT settings.
  • You can replace it with one or more of these options instead.

Lewis Silkin Partner James Davies has written a report for the Future of Work Hub ‘The future of work in 2050 – too few jobs or too few workers? The report explores the possibility that, by 2050, economies like the UK will face a labour market with too few jobs for the available workers. In the report, James identifies the decisions and actions which will need to be addressed and brings together insights from a variety of sources to offer a glimpse of that future.

Tips To Elevate Your Remote Job Interview & Land That Role

This was announced by the Chancellor in the Spring Budget 2023. The National Careers Service offers high quality, free and impartial information advice and guidance to help people make decisions on learning, training and work. Skills for Life aims to support everyone, showing the different skills and training options available.

  • It’s all very convenient, and means plenty of domestic tasks can be crossed off the to-do list while you’re on company time.
  • It includes lots of examples of tips and activities for you to do together with your child at different ages, as well as links to find further support in your local area.

One survey suggests that employees use their phones for personal reasons for more than two hours during the average working day. “Exploring ideas that shape the places we work.” Their tagline says it all. Discover innovative products, constructive workplace design ideas and apply to career opportunities with this fulfilling blog. Always on top of the latest news and covering what’s in demand in today’s every-changing market, Workplace Design Magazine stays on top of the trends while still managing to offer practical, achievable goals workplace managers can actually relate to.

The 7 Most Inspiring Career Blogs to Read This Year

Write about a cool project your employees are working on. And most importantly, bring your company’s professionals into the spotlight! It is a great way to attract the attention of the top experts in your industry. Have your existing employees tell a story about their career path at your company. This way, you will show potential candidates that your company is a place where they can advance their career and move up in your company’s hierarchy. Blue Light Together is a hub for mental health information and support for people working and volunteering in the emergency services, as well as their…

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Quickly convey your value as a candidate and showcase why you’re the best fit for the job by focusing on your qualifications and career goals and aligning them with job requirements. Encourage a social workplace, and don’t be afraid of your employees posting content of a personal nature. remote work blog In fact, doing so will encourage relationship building company-wide, increase knowledge sharing and boost engagement. Giving employees a gentle push in the right direction is important to encourage participation, and to create a culture that becomes more open and transparent.

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Remoters is a great place to discover all kinds of blog articles related to the remote lifestyle. You’ll find guides to landing remote jobs, tech recommendations, and even current trends in the remote industry to keep you updated. With contributions from experienced authors and experts in the productivity space, Trello aims to help remote workers thrive in their remote jobs. The Trello blog is a great resource for remote employees who want to improve their task management skills. Trello has several articles that dive into collaboration techniques to help people who work from home work better together.

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