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Best places with scenic views in Jersey City

Finding a new residence, planning out the relocation from your old home, hiring professional local movers NJ, settling in… And now everything is over. You’ve unpacked and are just where you planned – your new Jersey City home. So, what comes next? Well, why not do some exploration of this lovely city? After all, there are plenty of places to explore and leave you breathless. All you need do is go out and find them. And don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure where to begin. Because we have some of the best places with scenic views in Jersey City that you want to visit.

There are places with scenic views in Jersey City that are majestic and must be seen - find out where those places are.

Explore New Jersey by visiting the best places with scenic views in Jersey City.

Where can you find places with scenic views in Jersey City?

The fact of the matter is that Jersey City is vast and offers a variety of choices when it comes to sightseeing. Most people tend to underestimate it because of NYC, unfortunately. However, it has just as much to offer, since both cities share the Hudson river. So once you do move to New Jersey, you can count on many good views of NYC along the waterfront. So there are just some of the finer places with scenic views in Jersey City that you should think about while you look for the ideal NJ movers:

1. Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is an ideal way for families to spend the afternoon or evening overlooking Manhattan’s landmark triumvirate (including the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the NYC skyline). The long boardwalk/pier is a great location to take some photos for your cover page. And it’s also a great place for jogging or taking the little ones for a walk with your stroller.

One of the best parks in New Jersey, Liberty State Park also has a robust event schedule. This includes a Kite Flying Festival and the popular annual Barkfest (for canine-inspired fun). Historical in its scope and reaching to the beautiful Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal building at one end, this is definitely a place to wander, explore, run, and get lost.

And the park also provides those who wish to work-out with a place to do so. That way, you can enjoy the scenic views while running or cycling along the waterfront.

2. Exchange Waterfront

The waterfront is a great tourist attraction for people of all ages. You can take your children to see the beautiful New York skyline right across the river. It is also just minutes away from a tone of great restaurants to eat from. And you can also see the Statue of Liberty and the iconic Colgate clock. So, this is definitely one of the top places with scenic views in New Jersey to go to when visiting the NJ/NY metropolitan area.

The Exchange waterfront is definitely one of the best places with scenic views in Jersey City to see the Statue of Liberty.

Absorb the magnificence of the Statue of Liberty from the Exchange waterfront.

It also offers a beautiful view of the NYC skyline, especially at night. Plenty of space to sit or walk around and take in the fresh air. It can be very romantic and there plenty of nice restaurant around to visit and make a night out of it.

3. Hyatt Regency on the Hudson

Excellent service, great rooms, quick check-in, clean comfortable rooms, fantastic beds, lovely views...”. These are just some of the most common reviews you will hear about this lovely hotel. If you go to the Vu, try to sit at one of the tables directly facing The Freedom Tower for the best view of the NYC skyline. And the views from the rooms facing the Statue of Liberty are beautiful at both sunrise and sunset.
All in all, a great location for your stay in New Jersey. The PATH-train runs frequently and the location in itself is quiet and calm. And the view of the Manhattan skyline is stunning, which is why we recommend it as one of the places with scenic views in New Jersey.

4. Jersey City Waterfront offers many places with scenic views in Jersey City

One of the most serene places with scenic views in Jersey City - the Jersey Waterfront.

Peace and quiet – what more do you need when taking in the sights.

Definitely one of the most serene places with scenic views in Jersey City. So, you can fully absorb the magnificence of the NY City skyline. And it truly is an amazing place to live, work-out and play.

  • Benches and green areas.
  • Quiet atmosphere.
  • Peaceful environment.
  • Relaxing scenery.
  • Nice views of NYC.

The Jersey City Waterfront is a great spot for intimate talk, quiet time with your thoughts or a fun time with family. And you can walk here for miles and miles – all the way from Bayonne to Fort Lee. In fact, the waterfront offers some of the best views in the world.

5. Liberty House

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by unsurpassed views of the

  • Manhattan skyline,
  • Ellis Island,
  • Lady Liberty,
  • and the Liberty Landing Marina.

Here you’ll find a 14,000 square-foot restaurant and catering facility surrounded by water on three sides, suggesting an event that is both luxurious and dramatic.

Liberty House Restaurant was designed to exemplify a “view with a room” concept and focus on the magnificent Manhattan skyline views. And all the while, your senses are overwhelmed with award-winning cuisine, handcrafted decor details, live music, inviting seating areas, and majestic grounds. The main dining room offers spectacular first floor views and opens up to patios and gardens. Meanwhile, the Grand Ballroom offers second floor views with a wrap-around terrace. The restaurant offers unlimited possibilities for your dining, weddings, and other social or corporate events.

6. Riverview Park

This is not just a park. It is a neighborhood with a great view. Riverview Park is a wonderful park located at the edge of the Heights. The park contains magnificent views of both the New York City Skyline and the Hudson River as well as the Verrazano Bridge and the George Washington Bridge. And all these views can be enjoyed while relaxing in the park gazebo.

Riverview Park is one of the absolute best places with a scenic view in Jersey City for celebrating 4th of July.

Enjoy the 4th of July in Riverview Park with a fantastic view of the Verrazano Bridge.

The park also has a host of recreational activities such as two basketball courts and a playground for children. Due to the amazing views, 4th of July has become a major occasion for the park. On this holiday, thousands of people gather to watch the displays of fireworks across the New York skyline. This has become a tradition for lots of families and brings many newcomers each year. Also, be sure to check out the Farmers Market and the summer jazz festival. Get a coffee at ModCup across the street and enjoy the view.

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