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How to hire movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ

When we think about finding a moving company we usually picture a boring and endless task. And, for the most part, it can be, not to mention expensive. However, if you follow these guidelines you’ll find it is not that much of a bother, really. If you know what you’re doing you can reduce the time and the money you spend on your search. Most movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ are good, but the trick is to find the ones that suit you best.

Know what you want

In order to hire affordable movers NJ that are just perfect for you, you have to know what you need from a moving company. Ask yourself, do you need long distance movers or local ones? How much stuff are you moving, and how much work are you ready to put in yourself.

Once you decide on what kind of services you want, everything else is easy!

Get recommendations

An excellent way to find reliable moving specialists in Bergen County is to ask around. Get referrals from your friends and colleagues. Ask them to tell you about the good moving experiences they’ve had. Check if they had any terrible ones you should know about and steer clear of. The journey to hire the best movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ begins with your friends’ recommendations. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t do your own digging. Maybe some of your friends’ tastes or needs are not the same as yours. And so, a moving company perfect for them may not be good for you.

Make a list

Compile a list of about five to ten moving companies. Use your friends’ recommendations as well the companies you found yourself. One of these movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ will probably be a perfect match for you.

a list with the best movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ

Make a list of the best movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ


Take your list of local moving companies in New Jersey and start researching them. This is the most important part of the process of finding a right moving company. Unfortunately, it is also the most time consuming one. The good news is that once you are done looking into your pool of candidates you won’t have to do anything else. That is unless you really want to take part in your relocation to lower your expenses.

You should call their phones and request to speak to a person. Ask for each companies info and write it all down. Check their USDOT number and make sure you go to the company’s website and physical address. Checking out the company’s headquarters or the local branch will give you an excellent idea of whether they are reliable or not.

Also, don’t forget to check what other people say about the company you might choose. You can read online reviews or call the Safety Violation and Consumer complaints hotline (888-368-7238) and ask about the companies you wish to hire.

people researching moving companies in NJ

Do your research well, because you might regret come to regret it later

Get estimates from movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ

Ask your top three moving companies to give you on-site estimates of the moving costs. Make sure you know what kind of estimates you’re getting. There are several types of binding and non-binding estimates. Ask the moving company’s representative about what kind of estimate you’ll be getting.

Be straightforward

Don’t try to hide that you are researching other companies from the representatives doing the estimates. It shows that you are ready to do your homework and choose what fits you best. In some cases, this may even cause some movers to offer you a better deal in order to beat the competition.

Also, generally be open but polite with your movers. If you don’t like the relocating conditions, don’t be afraid to tell the representative that they’re not what you’re looking for. You are not obliged to pick a moving company just because they gave you an estimate.

Read the contract, then read it again

When you decide on the company ask for a contract and go over it with your movers and your lawyer(if you have one). Check every clause to make sure that you are not being tricked. Finally, sign the contract only if it encompasses the services that you wanted and nothing more or less. Never sign blank contracts or something you didn’t thoroughly read. Avoid being the victim of relocation frauds.

a person being the victim of a moving scam

Avoid being a victim of a fraudulent move by reading the contract

Schedule the date and choose the services

Now that you’ve found your perfect movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ, it’s time to schedule your moving day. Make sure you schedule it well in advance to get a special discount. Also, make sure that you’re ready for the move by then! Pack your things up at least two days in advance or ask your movers for their packing services. If you need to leave your old apartment before you can enter the new one, you may need storage services in New Jersey for your things. Reliable moving companies in New Jersey will keep your things safe and undamaged until your new place is ready for them.

When the movers arrive, make an inventory of all your things with them. This way nothing will get lost or forgotten. Also, it will make it incredibly easier to unload and unpack your things.

a person looking to schedule his moving day

the sooner you schedule your moving day the sooner you can get an estimate

Stick with your gut

In the end, when you’re hiring movers in Englewood Cliffs NJ, you can always trust your instincts. There are some moving companies that will give you a bad feeling for no apparent reason. Steer clear of those. If anything makes you feel unpleasant don’t do it. That’s why we have instincts, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can always find a new relocation company that will fit you better.

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