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Movers in Saddle River NJ – hire or DIY

This is definitely a question that all people face when they decide to relocate. And the answer usually depends on a number of factors – budget, time, size and distance of the move etc. For example, if you are moving down the street, a DIY move makes more sense in comparison to a cross-country move. So, before you make the weigh the option of expert moving services NJ versus your own skill-set, consider everything. Once you do this, it will bring you closer to the decision of whether or not you have need of professional movers in Saddle River NJ. So, before we begin to ask ourselves some questions, decide first what your first priority is – money or time or a bit of both. Knowing what is the most important factor will help lead you to a satisfying answer.

There are various DIY tools that can help your relocation without the help of professional movers in Saddle River NJ.

Whether you choose to hire expert movers in Saddle River NJ or move by yourself, you have our support either way.

DIY versus the help of movers in Saddle River NJ

Deciding whether to hire expert movers NJ or move yourself largely depends on your:

  1. budget,
  2. proximity to the new home,
  3. complexity of the move and
  4. your own personality.

There are numerous people out there who managed to complete their DIY moves  – and saved a money while doing so. And then there are those who are physically not capable to carry a piece of furniture down a flight of stairs. And even if you do have friends that can help, most of them might not have the expertise needed to avoid damage or harm to your belongings. This is nothing to be ashamed of – especially since you do have other options. Hiring professional movers in Saddle River NJ is one of those options.

The downsides of doing it yourself

If you decide to take care of the entire Saddle River NJ moving process yourself, prepare for a challenging experience. Because no matter how small your home is, you’re probably going to be moving some robust items. And those items might note fit in your sedan. Here are some main disadvantages of DIY relocation for you to consider:

  • Two people lifting moving boxes.

    Be careful when moving by yourself – heavy lifting can easily lead to serious back injuries.

    Heavy lifting – this is probably the worst part of a DIY move. That moment when you realize that you have to move everything by yourself. And let me assure you right now – lifting and carrying all that furniture will not be easy. And if there are staircases to consider – say goodbye to your back. A one-bedroom apartment may be easy enough to move without help from reputable movers in Saddle River NJ, but a five-bedroom may just break your back.

  • Organization and planning – and let me be clear about this step, it’s essential even if you hire professional a moving company in Saddle River NJ. However, the key difference is that movers can plan everything for you, while you will waste more time and energy on organization. First, you have to figure out the best route to get your things from one place to another. Next, you need to plan out the best way to load the truck you rented. Which items go first, which last, how best to arrange them…just some of the tasks to think of.
  • Unplanned issues – If something unexpected happens, like your couch getting stuck in the door, you may be out of luck. And without professional moving equipment, you will have to spend hours to resolve the issue. On the other hand, if you hire experts, you can relax and let them take care of such details.

The upsides of self-moving in Saddle River NJ

Don’t get me wrong – DIY moving is not all bad. There are benefits to it as well. So if you opt for not hiring one of Saddle River NJ moving companies, these are the advantages you can look forward to:

Different types of moving trucks with different movers in Saddle River NJ in mind.

When you choose to go without the help of movers in Saddle River NJ, you get to make all the choices – from the type of moving trucks you rent down to the type of boxes you use.

  • Total control over your move –this is considered the best pro to a DIY relocation. Just think about it. You get to choose the moving truck and all other moving supplies. Also, you can handle the packing and ensure the safety of your belongings. For you to choose a DIY move means that you get to decide when the relocation begins and when it ends. You’re also in control of how to load the truck. And you don’t have to worry about movers dumping boxes and furniture in rooms they don’t belong.
  • Your budget is preserved – If you’re on a tight budget, then a DIY move is probably for you. Even if you’re just relocating next door, the expenses incurred from hiring a moving company can quickly add up and exceed expectations. But if you decide to rent a moving truck, it could save you thousands. For example, it takes only $40 for you to rent U-Haul’s largest moving truck. Bear in mind that this can hold four-plus bedrooms worth of furniture. `
  • Pack however and whenever you want – when preparing for a Saddle River DIY move, you don’t have to worry about perfectly packing all of your belongings. Movers will want all of your boxes to be sealed and ready to go when they arrive. But this is not the case when you move on your own time. You won’t necessarily have to box up robust belongings, such as lamps and plants. You won’t have to obsess over how to box up other items, like simple pillows and blankets, either. As long as everything is in that truck on moving day, you’re good to go.

Decision to hire full-service movers in Saddle River NJ

If the stress of moving by yourself becomes too much, you can find a full service moving company in Saddle River NJ to help you. Not only can these companies transport your items for you, but they can also pack and unpack them as well. So, you can focus on other priorities during your transition to Saddle River. If you’re moving across the country, utilizing a full service moving company can make all the difference.

The only general downside to hiring these professionals is the increased cost. Movers generally charge based on the weight of your items, plus insurance and plus gratuity. This might be worth it, however, as then the back-breaking chore of moving is no longer your problem. Packing is probably the easiest part, so if you do that yourself, you’re already saving quite a bit of money on movers as they simply have to load up your belongings.

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