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Reasons why you should purchase moving insurance

You have to believe us – throughout out our extensive experience in the field, we have seen it all. Scenarios you would deem possible or entirely impossible – we have written both down in our book. So if we give you some sort of advice you should be aware that it is coming from experience. Buy moving insurance! We will explain in detail why explain what could happen if you don’t and give some scary examples to prove our point.

Joke aside, moving insurance is no joke. Regardless whether you hire professionals, or try to do it on your own, accidents can and always will happen. Granted, sometimes nothing happens and everything goes smoothly. And we really hope it goes like this every time! But what happens when it doesn’t?

Moving insurance can be your umbrella on a very rainy day.

You always think you don’t need it. But if you ever do need – you will be happy you bought it.

The most frequent reason people decide against purchasing moving insurance is the attempt to save some money. Fine, this is true, moving insurance does create an extra cost to an already expensive adventure. However, what most people fail to understand is that even though it may seem like they have saved money if something goes wrong – they end up losing far more. This is why, from one very experienced moving company to a future mover, don’t try to save money on things that eliminate chances for any unfortunate event, or even potential injuries on a moving day.

Why should you consider purchasing moving insurance?

It is very simple, really. This insurance adds a bit of extra weight to your move. This is true, and nobody is trying to hide this fact in the clouds. However, in a case of an unfortunate event, caused by either you or your movers, some parts of your belongings might end up damaged. What this basically means is that – you damage something either extremely valuable (or extremely valuable to you), and there is no coverage whatsoever.

On the other hand, owning this very same insurance entitles you to a refund based on what you initially paid for the insurance. The insurance itself will have numerous levels, based on the amount of money you are willing to pay and the number of belongings you wish to protect.

Do the math and count all the coins in this picture. It can save your house!

Even though you save money by not buying it, you might lose much more if you need it – but don’t have it.

All reliable and reputable movers in New Jersey will tell you the same thing. Nobody will ever (and nobody ever could) force you into buying it. At the end of the day, this is your decision to make, and no insurance is mandatory. It is just something that we advise to people going into the moving process.

What happens if you don’t have moving insurance…

In most cases, usually, nothing happens. There were no turbulence and no unfortunate events. So if you were to pay the insurance it would have been for nothing. And in most cases, or all cases, for some people this will be the case. You could move 15 times without ever having anything bad happen. However, on the off chance where something horrible happens, if you don’t have moving insurance you will most definitely wish you did.

Moving without insurance is something that we see as a gamble. Gambling is playing your luck, and gambling in casinos, for example, is gambling in order to win or lose money. You have red, and you have black, you put everything on either and you can either double your pot or lose it all. Somewhat similar deal with moving with or without a moving insurance. You can decide against purchasing it, and this is where your gamble starts. The gamble can end in two ways – either nothing happens and you win, or something happens and you lose. If you win, you saved a small amount of money. If you lose you lose a huge amount of money.

It is at this point that it is not worth it anymore. One of the most extreme examples of someone moving without moving insurance is the unfixable damage done to a Ming dynasty vase. Not only is the vase damaged beyond repair, but no money is compensated to the owner. Final summation – a personal belonging worth an unknown amount of figures damaged beyond repair, and given that there was no insurance bought – nothing was saved. This is where the gamble is shown as something not worth it.

On the other side…

Now, the other scenario is that you just do buy moving insurance. If for no other reason other than to have you sleep better at night – it’s still worth it. Now, maybe you could argue that it is not of the highest importance for local moving (short distance moving), and some (if not everyone) could back you up on it. We disagree, however people arguing this have a leg to stand on. For anything bigger than local moving, moving insurance is something you shouldn’t want to avoid.

Add to the mix one or more trucks, a safe storage facility in NJ, then another truck or trucks, potentially a plane, highways, and backroads… Each of these elements is a potential hazard. None of it is a hazard if you have moving insurance. Whatever goes wrong you are safe.

Moving insurance is a handshake with safety.

Just trust us on this one…

At the end of the day, as mentioned before, moving insurance is your decision. Our job is to give advice as to why you should buy it. You can agree with us, or you can disagree, both are fine and we are here to serve your wishes. However, before making a final decision, to give it a bit more thought. You will thanks us later.

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