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Xiaomi Black Shark 4S Pro full specifications, pros and cons, reviews, videos, pictures GSM COOL

Many of the features that aren’t there can be found in competing phones. If you really need a long-lasting gaming phone with the latest chipset, Bluetooth 5.2, Android 12, and a humungous battery, this isn’t it. You’d be better off grabbing one of the newer options from ASUS, Red Magic, or even a true-blue flagship like the Samsung Galaxy S22. Everything works in harmony but you can actually see the results on the glorious 6.67-inch AMOLED panel.

Besides the two switches and two triggers, there’s also a side-mounted fingerprint sensor that doubles as the power button. Meanwhile, the volume rocker is at the bottom edge while gaming in landscape orientation, which often leads to accidental presses. At the core, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of gaming phones.

black shark 4 pro stock rom

If a device uses a more premium body material component and also provides extra protection from water and dust damage, the score will be even higher. Good connectivity features on devices must adopt all the latest wireless connection technologies available.

  • Like the pop-up triggers, the side-mounted fingerprint sensor of the Black Shark is very sensitive.
  • There was nothing on the Play Store (game-wise) that the Black Shark 4 wasn’t able to run.
  • However, before continuing, let me differentiate between a USB driver and an ADB driver.
  • Cirrus Logic is a renowned manufacturer of semiconductors that are widely used in audio.

Additionally, we may give extra points if the device collaborates with popular and trusted sound system makers, as this ensures a higher quality of sound. A good display screen hardware and software can greatly enhance activities such as navigating, using apps and games, and enjoying entertainment content on the device.

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