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Best cities in NJ for retirees

The most frequent destination for retirement in Florida. However, every now and then you will have someone deciding against the mainstream and going in a pursuit of something they deem cooler. Frankly, no place in the world is like New Jersey. This is where I wish to spend my youth as well as my retirement. And this is quite common for us who don’t wish to leave our state for retirement. This is why we compiled a list of the best cities in NJ for retirees, just so that you can make your decision a bit easier. So, if you needed moving and storage solutions in NJ, you’re at the right place.

There is a specific set of criteria that is used for deciding upon such cities. This includes the number of senior residents, medical care access, various entertainment and the potential for recreational opportunities. Also, two very important factors: cost of living and safety.

This will be a list of the best cities in NJ for retirees!

New Jersey should be a far more popular retirement destination!

We hope that our list will make your decision that much easier! Happy retirement!

Ocean City

The first on our list would definitely be Ocean City. In our book, this is one of the best cities in NJ for retirees. At first glance, it may seem a bit pricey, but you could find charming condo complexes with housing priced under 250k dollars.

Geographically it is simply perfect. It is located between Atlantic City and Cape May. There is no chance for you not to enjoy the summers in this, above all,  beachside town.


This lakeside town would be one of my first choices for a retirement. The amount of fishing and boating opportunities are impeccable. You can crown all of this with the incredibly low price of living and you got yourself a dream!

Fishing is one of the best parts of being retired.

I can’t wait for my retirement to have more time to fish!

You will be able to find adorable housing for less than a 100 thousand dollars, however, if you have a higher budget you might be lucky enough to land a gorgeous house on the lake itself for no more than 250 thousand.

The place is incredibly safe, cost of living is low and the weather is amazing – making it easily a part of our list of best cities in NJ for retirees.


The criteria Ridgewood takes pride in is the safety of the city. Second place would be given to fine dining and the countless shopping opportunities with a population that treasures the sense of community.

The access to healthcare is incredibly easy and you will find many amenities.

Fort Lee

The best part of Fort Lee, for all you foodies out there, is the ever so diverse set of dining options. The place is also very safe with numerous amenities and amazing parks. You can enjoy long walks and incredible views while not having to worry about safety.

Residents here enjoy the small-town life still being minutes away from their grandchildren in New York City. Over 30% of residents here are above age 65, hence there are many who agree with this city reaching our top list.

The cost of living is not that high and you could find a proper condo or a co-op for less than 100 thousand dollars.


The adorable community of Newton offers very cheap housing as well as countless social entertainment opportunities. It has impeccable access to healthcare and the number of outdoor activities you can partake in is amazing.

Overall this place is very outdoor friendly if this is something you’d love to do in your retirement. You’ll have a proper choice between fishing, swimming, rafting, boating, hiking or even skiing.

The homes are highly affordable seeing that you can land a dream retirement place for under 200 thousand.

Cheap hosing, safety, access to healthcare... All of this is important when chosing a city to retire in.

If this doesn’t shout retirement, I don’t know what does.

Englewood Cliffs

The somewhat swanky town of Englewood Cliffs has been voted one of the top places for people to retire in America. This is why the cost of living may be a bit steep for some. However, it isn’t unaffordable, it will just be for those with a bit deeper pocket.

Still, for the money, you spend you get a town that is very near to NYC. For the price, you get endless entertainment all around, incredible dining options and recreational activities. All of it at your fingertips.

Also, due to the top ranks that this place falls in you get access to some also top-ranked doctors and hospitals.


This place screams affordable prices, golfing and fishing. Three things you look forward to most when you retire. However, the most important element of this town is the incredibly low crime rate.

You might be lucky enough to land a house for even less than 50 thousand dollars! There may not be that many amenities, but it is located in a way where you can have access to many other cities.

Best Cities in NJ for Retirees

Being retired should be the most amazing part of your life. That is the part of life where you get to sit down and rest while contemplating all that you achieved. Looking at your children become grown-ups and looking at your grandchildren grow. There is no part of life that is more rewarding than this.

This is why you need to live this part of your life in the most comfortable places that you can find. Hence the list of best cities in NJ for retirees. We really strongly believe that you deserve the best. And we are hoping that you were able to select the right place based on this list.

All of them share in common, mostly, low prices of living and access to healthcare. Crown this with numerous chances for entertainment and you got yourself a perfect place.

We hope this article helped. We hope we will be able to help more in facilitating your moving to NJ. If not, we can always offer our storage facilities in NJ. Best of luck to you, and enjoy yourself!

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