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Hire Bergen County movers to escape troubles

You’re among the numerous homeowners relocating to and from Bergen County? You’ve probably arrived at the main dilemma when moving is concerned. Is it better to hire a moving company in the area or try and cut the costs with a DIY relocation? Well, this is why we’re here today. We’re going to do our best as experienced movers NJ to give you insight into both sides of the coin. And then, you decide if you need to hire Bergen County movers to escape troubles…

Is a DIY move cheaper than hiring professionals?

Hiring Bergen County movers or DIY relocation – which is cheaper?

First, let’s get rid of the myth: is relocation with a moving company more expensive than a DIY job?

The cost of a move depends on a number of things. We promise to get into details about what movers actually charge a bit later, too. But, first, the price of a relocation will depend on which moving company you choose. If you find quality and affordable NJ moving services you won’t have any trouble meeting your budget requirements. However, there are also occasions when something is damaged during relocation. Or, you may need to pay extra because of problematic access. However, all in all, after you get an in-house estimate, along with tips for workers that will be the total price of your move. So, if you hire Bergen County movers with a good reputation you may actually end up saving money.

Though, let’s take a look at a DIY job as well. It’s certainly more cost-efficient, as you will be doing the packing and loading yourself. However, there is the truck rental to consider. Also, purchasing insurance for relocation is a good idea if you’re moving DIY. Though, if you’re trying to cut the costs of your move, you may try and amend your renter insurance to cover your relocation. Finally, there will also be packing material and any other equipment you may need to be added. So, the money will really be close when you sum everything up. But, with a DIY relocation, you will have to clock in the time and do the work. If you decide to hire Bergen County movers to escape troubles, you’re guaranteed a quick and quality service.

And then you’re wondering: to hire Bergen County movers would mean exactly what?

Wondering about moving services? Always check with the company representative what they offer.

Here are the usual moving services you can get from a relocation company,

Depending on which Bergen County movers you hire, you will be offered different services. However, in most cases, they will involve the usual package deal. So, we thought that we would go over them in a jiffy:

  • On-site quote – every good Bergen County mover will provide it. When you find a moving company which you like you should ask for one. A representative will come to your home and assess your belongings. This is the most accurate way of estimating the price of a move.
  • Packing service – as an optional commodity. If you’re moving in a hurry, Bergen County movers will offer you a good deal on NJ packing services. They will come to your home on moving day and prepare everything for loading first. Then, they will load it. You won’t have to bother with buying supplies or learning how to prepare different items for relocation. If you hire Bergen County movers they will do it all for you.
  • Loading and transport – is included in the quote. Be careful to give your movers good access to your current and future home. If not, this could raise the price of your relocation.
  • Unloading service – calculated into the quote. If you have any heavy furniture, ask your movers to place it into the right room. Good Bergen County movers will oblige.
  • Unpacking service – usually comes in a package with packing services. If you’re hiring a reliable Bergen County moving company, this is the case. The movers will place all items where you want them to go and unpack them.
  • Storage for excess belongings – if needed. When moving house, you often end up with extra items you don’t really need in your new home. If this is the case, ask your Bergen County movers about their affordable NJ storage.

Finally, we arrive at this mystery: where to find good Bergen County movers?

We’ve mentioned reliable and good moving companies in Bergen County a few times. But, how do you know which is actually a good mover and which is an overpriced one? Or, God forbid, a fraudulent scam front of a company. Well, here’s what we suggest…

You should ask your friends and family about Bergen County movers they’ve used

Word of mouth is the most reliable way to find anything. If you need a good moving company in Bergen County, it’s the first thing to do. Your goal is to have a list of three to five Bergen County movers which you can check out. So, get some recommendations first. And, if you still don’t have more than one moving company on the list…

You should always get an in-house quote from your Bergen County movers.

Call the moving company and set up the best time for an in-house estimate.

Next, it’s time to hit the search engine and find a relocation specialist

As a local NJ moving company, we can tell you that a lot of our customers find us online. After looking around our website and reading reviews, they can tell that we are a reliable Bergen County moving company. So, they usually give us a call. So, this is what we suggest that you do, as well. And, then, you should have at least three possible Bergen County movers on the list…

Now, you need to check these companies out with a bit of detective work

The first thing every legitimate Bergen County mover will have is a license and insurance. These are easy to check online with a USDOT number. If a mover doesn’t have one, strike them off your list. Next, you should call them and ask for an in-house estimate. A good moving company will always offer this as a free service. It is, after all, the most accurate way to give you a quote. When the representative comes they should ask you plenty of questions. If they aren’t, you may be in for a moving scam. Finally, when you get all the quotes, it’s time to pick your Bergen County movers…

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