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Best Piano Movers in NJ

Moving is a drag in best of cases and a chore in the worst. It can be a lot harder when you have some heavy items or things that require special attention. Pianos count as such special and specific items. It’s best to not risk moving them by yourself and risking injury or damage. So, you should call one of your reliable moving companies in New Jersey and ask them for their best piano movers in NJ.

Why hire the pros?

Ask yourself this, would you try to set your own broken bone or would you go to the doctor to do it. Unless you’re a doctor yourself (or Bear Grylls) you would answer this question with the second option. So, why is it that we find it so hard to hire relocation specialists to assist us with our move. Do we take it as a defeat that we cannot relocate our own things, or do we want to save as much money as possible for our new beginning? Whatever the reason, we are usually ready to try anything before we finally give up and call our Bergen County moving experts. Usually, by the time we decide to ask for help, the damage is done and we end up paying even more than we initially would have.

There are some items you should never risk moving by yourself, though. Pianos fall into this category. You should never attempt to relocate your piano either alone or with the help of friends. You can cause irreparable damage to an extremely expensive and delicate item. Once the damage is done, your piano will never sound or be the same, and repair would cost more than a complete house relocation along with packing. So, to answer the question of why you should hire the best piano movers in NJ instead of trying to relocate the item yourself:

  • it will be cheaper than repairing the damage to the piano
  • it is much safer for you and those helping you to let the pros handle it
  • the best piano movers in NJ will relocate your piano incomparably faster

How should you prepare?

If you’ve decided to do the smart thing and hire professional piano movers, there’s still a lot you can do to help them relocate your piano faster and easier. Firstly, you should clear everything around your piano and leave enough room for the best piano movers in NJ to move freely around the item. Leaving enough space will help the movers avoid injuries and pack or disassemble your piano better.

Next, you should call your moving company and inform them of the route they will take while they are moving your piano. Make sure you mention all the stairs, corners and terrain changes (for example, if they’ll need to carry it over rubble or grass in your yard). If you inform your movers it will let them prepare any specialized equipment they might need. This will ensure an easy and successful relocation.

grand piano

For grand pianos, you only need to measure their length and let your movers know

After this, you should measure your piano and let your movers know about the measurements. This will allow them to be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate. Apart from this, they’ll come better prepared for your specific type of piano. All of this will speed up the process of relocating your piano.

Another way you can help your movers is to tell them the make and model of the piano in question. Each piano model is specific and characteristic in its own right. Thus, letting the movers know in advance is a great idea.

Finally, the last way to prepare for your piano relocation is to have refreshments ready. Your relocation specialists will spend a lot of time on your piano move. It would be nice if you could offer them a beverage or a snack. This will not only increase their efficiency but also make them very cheerful.

How should you measure your item to help the best piano movers in NJ?

There are a number of ways you can measure your piano. They vary depending on the type of the piano, as well as the make and model. Firstly, when you measure a grand piano, you only need to measure its length. This is because all of the grand pianos are generally the same width and height. Once you tell your movers the dimensions, they’ll know how to prepare.


best piano movers in NJ can relocate any type of piano

Measure upright pianos from the ground even if they have legs

When you’re measuring the upright piano make sure you measure from the floor. Even if your piano has those short legs, always measure from the ground. Now, once you’ve measured it, you can let your best piano movers in NJ know what type of upright piano it is.

  • 35″ – 39″ – Spinet
  • 40″ – 44″ – Console
  • 45″ – 49″ – Studio
  • 50″ and up – Upright

Now you can let your movers know even the model you’re trying to have moved. This will greatly speed up the relocation process. Besides, good movers will bring their own supplies to make the relocation even easier.

What are the costs of a piano relocation?

The cost of moving your piano will vary depending on many factors. Some of these will influence the price a lot, while others will only change it slightly. All in all, you should be aware of all of them before you request the services of the best piano movers in NJ. For example, if you request long-distance moving services in NJ your piano relocation will be a bit more expensive. Contrary to this, the make and model of your piano will barely influence the costs.

packing the piano

The professional piano movers from NJ will have all the necessary packing supplies

The main factors which will affect your final relocation price are:

  • size of your item – relocating smaller upright pianos will be much cheaper than moving a grand piano
  • weight of the piano – like with any move, the weight of your item will affect the final price
  • distance of your move – as mentioned before, moving your piano locally is cheaper than hauling it to a different state.
  • the number of workers required for the relocation – the number of relocation specialist which will move your piano has a big effect on the final price. Obviously, the more movers required the bigger the price will be.
  • other actions required to move the piano – will your piano require disassembling and assembling? Maybe you’ll need to tune your piano once it arrives at your new home. There are moving companies which provide these services.
  • general working conditions – movers might charge you extra if your building doesn’t have an elevator. Likewise, if your piano is too big to move down the stairs you might be charged extra for the equipment needed to pull it out of the window. Also, any other special requirements might be added to your final moving price.
  • any other services you choose – services such as packing or unpacking will influence the final cost of your move.

How to know your piano movers are reliable?

One of the most important steps in the process of hiring the best piano movers in NJ is to check whether they are reliable. Relocating such an item is risky and difficult and you wouldn’t want inexperienced or bad movers on the job. But, how do we make sure the movers are worthy of relocating our piano? There are a lot of things you need to research about each company. Remember, even though some movers are reliable and reputable, it doesn’t mean they have experience with relocating pianos.

The best piano movers in NJ will offer a lot of services related to moving a piano. Some will provide their NJ packing services and supplies to ensure that no damage befalls your precious piano. Also, make sure that the company you hire gives insurance for the items they are handling. This way, if the worst happens, you’ll still be compensated. It may not be a bad idea to ensure your piano yourself before the relocation. So, if anything bad happens you’ll get double the premium for your piano. You’ll definitely have the money to buy a new one then!

Other indicators of the best piano movers in NJ

Another quality of a reliable moving company is that they have storage for the items they’re handling. So, if you’re moving a long distance away, you can hire the best storage services in NJ and your piano will be safe until you return. Or, if you are moving to NJ your piano can wait for you in storage, so you don’t have to haul it across the state or country.

The final indicator that a moving company can successfully and safely relocate your piano is that the company is doing a lot of special item relocations. If your best piano movers in NJ also do pool table relocations in New Jersey, fine art relocations or move heavy safes and vaults it’s a safe bet they’ll be able to handle your piano.

the best piano movers in NJ can also relocate your pool table

If your movers know how to relocate a pool table, they’ll like be able to move your piano as well

How to find good piano movers near you?

There are many ways you can look for and find reliable movers close to you. Check out all of the local moving services in NJ and ask them if they move pianos. Other ways you can check for reliable movers include:

  • looking online – the internet is full of useful information including the best piano movers. However, make sure you research your movers well. Since it’s easy to invent a reputation online ensure you visit their office before you entrust them with your piano.
  • asking for referrals – the good old word of mouth. This is still the most reliable way of finding good relocation services in your local community. Ask your family, friends, colleagues, local grocery store owners or anyone you think can help you! Make sure you ask the people you trust though, so you avoid the bad recommendations.
  • asking music studio or music store owners – if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. They had to bring all those pianos to the store at some point, so they’re bound to have some good advice about moving them. Also, they can give you good ideas about how to relocate your piano without damaging the keys or the strings inside. This way you may not need to pay for a tuning after the move.
  • inquiring with the music teachers – same as for the music store owners, these guys will probably know where you can find the best piano movers in NJ

Once you have found a piano moving company you’re satisfied with, make sure you save their contact information. The average American relocates 7 times in his or her lifetime, and those reliable piano movers may come in handy once more in a few years time.

In the end…

Finally, you can decide to attempt a piano relocation by yourself. If you decide that the best piano movers in NJ aren’t the right choice for you, you can get a few friends and give it a go. What is absolutely necessary is that you read a lot about your piano beforehand. All pianos can be disassembled for easier transport, but each instrument has different mechanisms. You should pay attention not to break it.

a first aid kit for piano relocations

If you’re planning to move your piano by yourself, be careful you don’t injure yourself

Apart from this, you should pay attention to avoid damage to yourself. You can always get a new piano but it’ll take much longer to fix your broken arm or a pulled back. Not to mention that it will be much less painful. Also, try to avoid the stress if you don’t want to hire the best piano movers in NJ. Stress can be much more terrible consequences even than injury.

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