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Experts advise: How to buy an affordable family house

When moving house is concerned, sooner or later the question of affordable homes arrives. So, as a local moving company with plenty of touch with the real estate industry, we thought we’d give you a couple of tips and hacks. From ours and also our customers’ experience, here’s our guide as to how you can buy an affordable family house in NJ. We will be focusing on the places to search, questions to ask and things to notice during this process. And, we are assuming here that you will be house-hunting yourself. Though, in case you do hire a broker, a large number of our tips and hacks are still applicable. Enjoy!

First of all, you should know where to look for an affordable family house on the market

More than often, we’ve had a call or two from customers eager to book us for a move and also our packing services NJ. However, quite a few times we’ve had to postpone the move for a while after we got to a particular realization. The homeowners still hadn’t picked out their future home. So, in order to prevent this kind of a call from happening, here are our tips regarding where to look for an affordable family house on the NJ market.

A contractor eager to be hired for house inspection.

When looking at houses, hire a consultant contractor to tell you honestly about their state.

There are plenty of affordable properties when you’re looking through the foreclosures

For a lot of people, this is the obvious choice. Shopping through foreclosures is often quite lucrative. There are a number of homes in different New Jersey cities which are simply too costly for their owners. More than often, we’ve helped couples and families move into quite nice neighborhoods. And, when asked how they found their new home for an affordable price, they told us about foreclosures. In our opinion, if you’re looking to buy a cheap family house, this is the way to go.

Though, with every good thing, there comes a drawback. An affordable family house which is being foreclosed must be carefully inspected. If the previous homeowner couldn’t pay to repair it, it might be outside of your estimated budget. Our advice, take someone who knows about houses, like a contractor, when you go to take a look at it. This way, you surely won’t get scammed and you’ll only have to pay for consultant hours. It’s a sure way to find an affordable family home in good condition.

Next, there is the option of finding an affordable family home in NJ by location

If you’re thinking of moving to New Jersey, location is surely important. We advise that you take a look at different cities which are both good for families and affordable regarding real estate. This will make finding an affordable family home in good condition rather easy. As long-distance movers in NJ, we’ve had the chance to visit various cities, both inside and outside of the state. And, the story regarding real estate is usually quite similar. If you choose your neighborhood quickly, you will be able to find both affordable rentals and cheap family homes for sale. Usually, these are urban areas, as opposed to the more expensive suburbs.

The drawback, however, is always present. If you decide on finding an affordable family house this way you may end up in an odd end of a city. Often, with low-cost real estate comes a higher crime rate and an occasional unsavory character. Though, if you’re up for the adventure and the home price is worth it, it’s a great way to find an affordable place.

Another great way to score an affordable family home is the “as-is” houses

This is the option which is either a complete miss or a total jackpot. When buying a house “as-is” you’re agreeing to take all of its problems, too. The seller isn’t responsible for any repairs or additional costs. Once the purchase is done and over with, the affordable family home is completely yours. The thing with these “as-is” homes is that they can be either too problematic or not at all. So, you could be getting a completely affordable family house for a great price. In this case, you might need to rent a unit in one of the storage facilities NJ, depending on what the seller decides to leave there.

An affordable family home for sale needs to be inspected thoroughly.

A good house sold last-minute or a faulty one? Be careful when purchasing a “as-is” affordable family home!

The thing which you need to watch for here is the condition of the house. Sometimes a homeowner will need to move in a hurry because of a job. Then, they will sell a perfectly good home “as-is”. However, there are times when people are simply looking to unload a troublesome home on an unsuspecting buyer. Again, we’d advise hiring consultant services in NJ for a home inspection.

Finally, we also wanted to give you a few questions to ask when looking at an affordable family home in NJ

We understand that not everyone is familiar with the real estate industry. Hence, it’s important to have some guidelines as you go into house viewing. So, we’ve compiled a few questions from our experience as movers through contact with new homeowners. In their words, these were inquiries which saved them time, money and a lot of hassle.

Affordable family houses in a row.

If you’re looking for an affordable home, you’re going to have to select it carefully – here are a few questions…

Here are the questions every person looking to buy an affordable family house should know:

  • Will the windows need replacing? A clever inquiry if you’re buying an “as-is” or foreclosure home. Window replacing is a tough and expensive chore, after all.
  • What are the positions and the quality of the trees in the yard? Since we’re talking about buying an affordable family house in NJ, this is a must ask. After all, you wouldn’t want a tree to fall down on your new home during a storm…
  • Are there any strange odors or pests in the house? This may not be a question to ask, but more of a tip for you. A bad smell can mean anything from mold, mildew and other water problems to more serious issues. Not only can they be irreparable, but dangerous to your family. As for pests, they aren’t too big of a problem. In most cases, a call to the exterminator will suffice.

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