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Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Never did I give much thought when packing for a move. I’m a frequent mover, and as such, I’ve started treating moving like a routine. Big mistake. It took losing something very valuable to realize that, even though I deem myself experienced, I am not experienced enough. There are some details that seek extra attention. One of those details is packing fragile items. The box of plates that I lost to such negligence is irreplaceable. Absolutely irreplaceable. What happened? They were packed poorly, and whilst traveling in the back of a truck the box tumbled. This tumbling led to all of the plates becoming chipped or cracked.

If you are careful when packing fragile items, you avoid any risk of breaking your favorite plates.

Protect your fragile items!

Ever since I became a very patient person when it comes to moving. There is no more rushing. There is a special way for packing fragile items, and there is no compromise. Now, I am hoping to reach out to you movers and share some tips about most frequent fragile items that are susceptible to breaking. Hopefully, these tips will save your plates. Or whatever you deem valuable for yourself.

Packing Fragile Items – Musts

There are several steps that you must take when packing fragile items. It is imperative that you dedicate an appropriate level of attention to these steps. They are simple, take little time. They save your most precious belongings.

When we talk about valuable stuff, we talk about things that break as easy as glass. An exception might be some vintage furniture that can also be damaged if not handled right. To avoid the latter, make sure you hire professionals to do your move. 

Start Packing in Advance

The worst thing you could do is rush packing. This doesn’t go only for packing fragile items. This is an advice for packing overall. If you have to rush packing, odds are you will misplace items, label boxes wrongly and just have a huge problem when it comes to unpacking. It still would be far better if you were to hire moving services NJ, however even if you are going to do it yourself – there is no room for rushing. If you take your time and start packing way in advance, odds are that everything will be where it should be. As they say, you can’t rush perfection. If you were to take each fragile peace and place it, with care, into its rightful slot – you have almost minimized chances for harm.

Have the Essential Tools

If you’re going to do the job right – you need the right tools for it. It’s simple, really. If you wish to transport your belongings so that they don’t get damaged – you can’t save on the tools. The miniscule amount of money you’d end up saving could make the difference between a broken plate and a complete one. These tools include, but are not limited to the following:

  • High-quality boxes in various sizes
  • Bubble wrap (lots of it)
  • Pliable cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape.
When packing fragile items, there are some essential tools you should use, such as bubble wrap.

You can never have enough bubble wrap!

These are not impossible to get. As a matter of fact, they turn out to be quite easy to come by. Arm yourself with a bunch of the above mentioned and start using it to pack your fragile. In some cases, when you’re super scared that a plate (or similar objects) could break, nobody will judge you for using one box for one plate (filled with tons of bubble wrap). I mean, it’s something very precious for you, and nobody minds if you go the extra mile to make it secure. So don’t stress it. Better safe than sorry.

Different Ways to Pack Different Things

Of course, depending on what your precious fragile gem is – there will be different ways to pack it. I will mention some of the most frequent ones, but if you’re about to pack something that didn’t make my list either consult your local NJ movers or search the web. In this day and age, ignorance is a choice. And there is simply no chance that you won’t find an answer to your question online.

When packing fragile items, make sure you start ahead of time.

Always make sure you start packing in advance.


Packing plates should be rather simple and straightforward. Why did I fail to do it? Because I was rushing and because I thought I knew it all. Now, all the plates that you are moving should be packed vertically in small and medium boxes. There should be as much packing paper as possible, both in between the plates as well as underneath them. Additionally, all the plates should be packed with bubble wrap and secured with tape.

Oh, and make sure your box is not overpacked. If you feel like its starting to overachieve, move to the next empty box. Don’t limit yourself to boxes, please.


As far as these bad boys go – make sure that you fill the glasses with packing paper and wrap them in bubble wrap. Both. You wish to diminish empty space, for this is where the cracks happen. Also, space around the glasses should be layered with packing paper. Lastly, make sure the heaviest items are at the bottom.


You should usually separate the base of the lamp and its top part. Whenever you can wrap it with lots of paper. If you’re packing the bases separately, make sure they are wrapped in packing paper.

Pictures and Frames

Finally, these are the biggest bad boys in the moving industry. The frames and pictures should be lined one atop of the other, making sure there is a layer of packing paper and bubble wrap in between. You want them packed densely, in medium boxes. The role of the bubble wrap is to absorb impact, and the role of paper is to have a little free room in the box as possible. In special cases, pictures larger than 3 feet should be packed with a moving blanket and wrapped in plastic.

Basically, these were the absolute most common fragile items everyone moves. Hopefully, you were able to find the answer you seek in this post. If not, NJTransport is at your service! Best of luck!

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