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Full service movers River Edge

Full-service movers River Edge

If you desire to move without stress, our professional movers at  New Jersey Transport are here to help. We can move your home, your entire business, your vehicle and anything else you may need without any delays. Our moving company offers various types of services. Let us do all the hard work for you. With our professional movers, you will experience the move as is should be – wonderful. Enjoy the free time while moving. Spend it with your family and plan your new life. All you should do is to tell our full-service movers River Edge the details about your move.

Long distance moving

We are here to help you move to any long distance location. Long distance moves take planning and preparation. Let our professionals with years of experience organize everything for you. Keep in mind that our mover’s River Edge can plan your entire moving process. Also, we offer different insurance policies for long distance moves.

cargo containers

We are here to make sure your belongings are safe during the long distance relocation process.

Our movers River Edge will explain the moving process to you. You will get a free moving quote from our professionals. The quotes we give are accurate and official. We are here to make sure your belongings are safe during the long distance relocation process. Also, we take our work very seriously and respect your budget and your delivery date.

Local moving

Our local mover’s River Edge will give you the best deal to move your belonging to your new local residence. With our movers, your local move will be quick and stresses. Our trained professionals will help you with everything regarding your local move. Let our movers worry for you. We always make a detailed inventory list of all your belongings. That way we create a detailed estimate personalized especially for your needs. Here are few tips and trick on how to relocate to New Jersey with ease.

Commercial moving

Moving your business may require more time, energy and planning than your regular home move. Also, when you move your business it is essential to have professional assistance. Our movers River Edge pay attention to details and they are trained to plan your corporate relocation. The most important part is to move not only you and your company but your employees also. Along with our professional help, we offer insurance for your commercial move. The only thing you should do is to tell us about your expectations and we will make it happen.

Packing and crating

Our River Edge professionals will pack your belongings to the best possible standard. With the professional packing supplies, we make sure your items are safe and secure during transport. Our movers will help you declutter your home and pack everything. If you need our help, we will show you how to properly pack for the move only certain big bulky pieces, we can also do that for you. We take care of everything and disassemble big furniture pieces before packing. Also, our professionals will assemble everything after the move. You can buy all the packing supplies in New Jersey or order them from our store and we will bring everything with us when we pack your belongings.

Auto transport

Moving your vehicle is not an easy task. But with our help, you wouldn’t have to drive your car across the country and spend time and exhaust yourself.  Our professionals are here to secure safe transport of your vehicle. With us, you can choose the best insurance policy for your auto transport. Your car will be driven minimally during the relocation process. Also, we can transport the car that is not in the driving condition. But you should point that out before the move. Cars rarely get damaged during relocation but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose the best insurance policy for the moving process.


You should choose the best insurance policy for your auto transport.

The car we transport should be properly prepared for the move. Before you give us your car, make sure there are no leftover personal belongings inside the vehicle. To be sure that the transport goes smoothly consider performing the maintenance check before you give us your car. Also, if your car requires any special steps for driving, make sure you leave the detailed instructions for our Operatives.

Our auto movers NJ  will transport any type of a vehicle. We transport cars, SUV, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. Among our other services, we offer various auto transport services that include:

  • Open Carriers
  • Enclosed vehicle transport
  • The door to Door deliveries
  • Port or terminal service
  • Boat or Yacht Transport
  • Transport of your motorcycle
  • International Auto Transports and more

Storage services

Among our numerous services, we offer the best storage solution for your belongings. We at New Jersey Transport offer 30 days free storage service to all of our customers. Our storage facility uses the latest security protocols and the best surveillance systems for our storage units. You can choose between different sizes of the units.


Our storage facility uses the latest security protocols and the best surveillance systems.

Our movers River Edge will take care of your valuables and your expensive artwork. If you are not able to prepare and pack your items for storage we will do it for you. On the other hand, we will transport your items to and from storage if necessary. You can choose the units that have climate control to store sensitive items. We will make sure your items are properly packed and stored for a longer period of time.

Why choose movers River Edge?

Our professional New Jersey movers are reliable and efficient. We love what we do and we make sure that our customers come first. Our job is that you are satisfied with the service we provide. Our movers are properly trained all insured while they work. With us, you will get the moving experience you have never had. Contact us for the best quote.

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