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Moving during summer – what should you know?

One of the key things people forget to take into consideration is which season they are moving in. People, usually, put in so much effort into planning their move. And when they do so, there are so many elements to take into consideration. For instance, the date of the move and the number of boxes packed. Also, how many trucks will you need and will you find the parking spot for them. Will they be moving by themselves or will they hire professional moving assistance? Furthermore, they chose the day of the week and the time of day. All of these elements are of invaluable importance when planning a move, especially when you wish to do it right. But one thing people kind of forget to consider is which season will they be moving in? Moving companies in Bergen County will usually recommend moving during summer or spring.

You should usually avoid moving during the winter. Winter can be troublesome for countless reasons, most of which are directly tied to ice and snow. The trucks have much more trouble navigating through frozen roads. Furthermore, if there are snow blizzards the trucks will face more problems. Also, moving large boxes through snow and ice can even be dangerous. Of course, sometimes you can’t avoid this. However, whenever you can avoid it – you most certainly should. 

Moving during summer is still a better option than having your trucks disabled by snow.

Moving during summer is harsh, but still not as harsh as winter can be.

Moving during summer

In spite of the fact that moving during summer is much easier than moving during winter, it still brings its own challenges. The ideal weather conditions are those of spring, where there is no rain, snow or ice and the temperatures are quite pleasant.

Despite the difficulties it brings, moving during summer still wins over winter. Both can have their own hard moments, but summer is still far safer and easier to manage. Still, there are a few things, good and bad, that you need to consider when moving during the summer season.

Temperatures might get a tad too high

This can be most troublesome for your movers (or for yourself if you decided to move on your own). Moving usually consists of hard physical labor. Regardless of whether you have the professional moving equipment or not, you will still have to do some heavy lifting. And when you are battling 30-40 degrees Celsius, this becomes ever so difficult. Sadly, there is no workaround for this issue. The only thing you can do is help the process as much as you can.

If you are moving, make sure to give yourself plenty of time. Do not rush it and do not overburn yourself. If you need two days – that is fine. Take two days. Better do that than to get a heatstroke. Stay hydrated. This is the most important thing. No move and no box will ever have precedence over your health and well-being.

Moving during summer means that your movers might get very hot at some point. Help them out with a refreshment,.

It can get too hot…

If, however, you have decided to hire professionals to do your move you should stay out of their way as much as possible. They absolutely know what they are doing, and the best thing you can do is provide support in terms of ice-cold lemonades and water. Also, when hiring professionals, make sure you are around for any questions that your movers might have for you. This way you will be of most help.

Holiday season

Now you may end up being super lucky, or extremely unlucky. The best thing you can do is research the patter at which the local population leaves for holidays. If you are lucky, your move will be scheduled for days that have a large population of people who already left for a vacation. This will mean that the streets will be empty and there will be no chances of your trucks and logistics failing against 5-hour long traffic jams.

On the other hand, if your move is scheduled for dates that have the population travel for their vacations you might have to deal with your trucks sitting in traffic for the entire afternoon. This might delay the entire project for even a full day. In case of this happening, there is not much you can do but be patient.

Items affected by higher temperatures

You might have some belongings that do not stand heat well. Depending on what temperatures we are talking about, certain things might be at risk. The first thing that comes to mind is any food product that otherwise needs to be refrigerated. The best NJ movers will usually be prepared for such scenarios, with special equipment and trucks that are able to handle the heat and keep a certain temperature in the trailer. However, you can’t prepare for everything.

Sometimes, some, for example, antique belongings that are not ready to be exposed to 40 degrees Celsius are better left in the safe hands of storage services in NJ. These storage locations will have climate control and will be a safe place for you to leave your most valued belongings until they are completely safe for travel.

Kids and pets

Lastly, the heat will affect your little ones, as well. You need to plan them as part of your logistics for moving during the summer. The best thing you could move is to call some of your close friends or relatives to help. If you could entrust your kids, or pets to them and have them out of harm’s way would be best. They could be safely tucked in an air-conditioned vehicle and move as an individual, separate, element of the move. This leaves you and your movers, who are both hot but can handle it. Smaller children and pets usually have much harder time doing so.

You will need to help your kids and pets as well, for they can take very little of the heat.

Help out your kids and pets. They can barely stand the heat!

Overall, moving during summer is not an ideal plan but it can work. Just be careful about the above-mentioned elements and you should be fine.

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