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Guide to Hiring Office Movers

Hiring office movers is a necessary part of a business relocation. This kind of moving service requires organizing skills, and more importantly, reliable commercial movers NJ. If you are not familiar with the moving process, make sure to keep reading. You will find some essential guidelines to help you find and hire the best office movers in New Jersey.

Before you start the search for moving companies, make sure to plan your office move in advance. If the situation allows it, start the preparations at least few weeks prior to the relocation. This will help you prepare and not forget the check the important things on your to-do list. Gather your employees and discuss all the details about the working hours. You might need to adapt your schedule if you are moving long distance or planning to hire more people in your new office.

If you can visit the new office space, do it! This will be the perfect place for you to think about the furniture placement and workspace organization. If you work with people who can help you plan the move, engage them in the process. Your employees can help you organize or even recommend a good moving service.

Where should you look for office movers?

There are many of ways to find reliable business movers NJ. The first thing to consider is asking your office colleagues for a referral. Sometimes it happens that someone is your office building moved recently. It is great if you get a referral for the moving company somebody you know already hired before. There is nothing quite like the positive comment from someone you trust to recommend the NJ moving professionals.

The best way to find the company to move your office is to check online. The companies that have a great online presence are the first thing to look for. Reliable office moving companies give detailed information about the company in their web pages. Consider checking the company for:

check online

The first thing to consider is asking your office colleagues for a referral. Browse the internet and find reliable office movers.

  • Years of experience – may be the sign of a great quality service. Companies with years of experience usually get the job done without difficulty.
  • Insurance policies they offer – Insurance is very important when it comes to moving valuables. Make sure you know all the details about insurance policies your company offers.
  • Awards and certificates they have – If the company you are interested in hiring won any wards, that may be the sign of dedication, hard work, and excellence.
  • Additional services they offer – Additional services that you movers offer can tell you a lot about the company. If it offers packing and crating services NJ, storage or cleaning service that may suggest that their business is booming.
  • References and reviews – may tell you much about the company itself. You can ask former customers about their experience with the office movers you want to hire.

Before hiring office movers, check their credentials

Checking office movers credentials is the most important step in hiring them. You can check online for the details about the company’s credentials. That way you will make sure that the office moving company you hire is reliable and trustworthy. When you check company’s credentials, make sure to ask the company’s representative about the company’s ID number. When you have the ID number you can check online if the company you like is listed, certified, secured and validated. On the other hand, you can see if the office moving company NJ you like had any previous official complaints made against them.

coffee desk

Check the ID number online. If the company you like is listed, certified, secured and validated – you should hire them.

Even the rouge moving companies are listed online. If you have any doubts about your office movers, make sure to check everything in detail before signing any contract with your office movers. When it comes to hiring office movers, make sure you check more than one company before you make a decision. Having multiple options will help you narrow the search and make the right choice.

When you search for the right office movers, make sure to ask about all the aspects of the office move you don’t understand. The reliable office moving company NJ will make sure you get all the answers. While searching for the perfect company to move your business, ask for the free quote for your office move. When the representative from the company comes to your office, remember to ask for the proof of insurance.

What can office movers help you with?

The term “office moving” stands for any commercial relocation, whether it’s local or long distance. Professional office movers relocate businesses, local stores, libraries and many other commercial spaces. In case you need to move your business last minute, or you plan to expand your business to other locations, commercial movers are there to help.


If you need to move your business last minute, or you plan to expand your business to other locations, commercial movers are there to help.

If you are a business owner and you need to move your office, professional movers can help you. Not only can they relocate your office supplies, but they can also help you with organizing the entire moving process. Take a look at some of the services that office movers can offer you.

Organizing and planning your business move

Running a business takes time on its own but moving it to another location also takes time to prepare. Reliable moving companies should offer you organizing services. This implies making an inventory of your office, scheduling the moving day and discussing moving services. If you need additional moving services like cleaning, disassembling or a storage solution office movers will give you advice.

Packing, crating and professional packing supplies

The hardest part of moving an office is to pack all the supplies. Also, many furniture pieces require special handling before the transportation. This is why your business movers will offer to disassemble and reassemble office furniture and pack it the right way. In the end, movers will pack all the supplies into moving boxes, label them and load the boxes into a truck.

Establishing a moving budget

A moving company will give you an estimate of the moving cost after they make an inventory. You can check online and find a free moving quote. This will help you establish a budget and avoid unnecessary costs. If you are moving on a budget, make sure to tell your movers in advance.

Things you should do before the office movers come

When you hire reliable office movers, make sure to know all of your responsibilities regarding your move. You should check if your movers will pack your office equipment. If you have to pack everything yourself ask about any details with the movers regarding your insurance. In some cases, if you pack your own office supplies, the insurance doesn’t cover your items during transport. Before you hire the moving company NJ to move your office make sure they offer packing services too. It is easier when you movers do the complete move for you. On the other hand, may be hard to hire a different company also for packing your office items.

transfer utilities

When you hire reliable office movers, make sure to know all of your responsibilities regarding your move.

You can prepare for the move if you get rid of all the extra office items you don’t need. Remember to throw away all perishable items from your fridge. You may also want to get rid of all the trash before the movers arrive. The best way to save your movers time is to unplug all the cables and sort them out yourself. That way you will have time to mark and pack all the cables separately. That is important because movers may work fast and pack all the computers along with their cables unplugged. That may cause damage during the transport so it is best to do that yourself before your office movers arrive.

Before you want to transfer your office machines, they have to be properly taken care of. Printers shouldn’t be transferred with cartridges inside etc. That is why it is best to hire a technician to help with the proper care of your expensive office machinery and computers.

Office movers offer various moving services

Unlike residential moving, you can’t move a business in few hours. Unless you own a small local shop and plan to move around the corner. Many companies move from one state to another, and even overseas. You might need to hire long distance movers NJ, or you can just rent a truck for a local move. In both situations, you should check a moving company’s website and look for all the services they offer. Here is the list of common moving services that office movers can offer:

  • Local moving. If you are moving across the town, local movers in New Jersey can still help you pack and prepare your office.
  • Long distance moving. Moving internationally, overseas and interstate – reliable office movers should do it all.
  • Storage solutions New Jersey. Additional moving boxes that you need to store can go into a storage unit. For bigger businesses, movers can find a commercial warehouse space.
  • Providing packing supplies and professional packing. Business movers will make sure to secure and pack your office supplies, documents, and furniture.
  • Moving insurance. The first thing you should do after the initial talk with a moving company is to ask about the insurance for moving your office. This is the best part of hiring office movers – you don’t have to waste the energy on transportation, and your office supplies will not be lost. If you have the moving insurance, you will always get your money back in case of a lost moving box.
  • Cleaning after the move and garbage removal. This service implies setting up your office, removing moving boxes and packing supplies. Professionals can make your new working space spotlessly clean.
  • Handyman services. If you need additional repairs in your office, ask your movers about handyman services.

Top reasons for hiring office movers

check for moving companies credentials

If you hire commercial movers, don’t forget to ask about the moving insurance.

There are many reasons for hiring professional office movers to help you relocate your business. However, many business owners try to move the office themselves. This is not a good idea for 2 reasons. First, commercial moving is way complicated that home moving, so it can take weeks on preparations. Second, because of the delicate electronic devices and important documents, there’s always a chance of losing something. In order to save your time and money, office movers will be there to help you move your business with ease.

Take a look at the benefits of hiring office movers:

  • Insurance for your office supplies, documents, and furniture. Moving an office on your own can cause some things to break or get lost. If you hire commercial movers, don’t forget to ask about the moving insurance. It will be very convenient to get your money back if professional movers don’t do their job.
  • Hiring office movers will pay off. Without them, you can count on additional moving expenses. Even worse, you could hire more companies for different moving services and pay up to 50% more for their service.
  • More valuable time for your business. As people use to say – time is money. Hiring commercial movers will save you valuable time. This way you don’t have to stop running your business during the moving process.
  • All in one service. Organizing, packing, labeling of the moving boxes, transportation and cleaning after the move? It’s always better to let your office movers do it all at ones. Hiring them for all-in-one service is the most efficient way to relocate a business.

Hiring office movers is important mostly because of your valuable time and money. To avoid losing important documents during the relocation, contact us and consider hiring professional business movers.


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