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Well-established Movers in Rutherford NJ

You are about to tackle a new move. It’s a dreadful task, full of things that can go wrong. We understand this more than you can possibly imagine. This is why we are here to help. Help with advice and guidance, pointers and referrals as to where you can go. However, in spite of our best efforts, the majority of this complex process will be carried over your back. Since we are tied to a specific location in this article, we want you to know that movers in Rutherford NJ got your back and will do everything in their power to help and assist.

However, local movers NJ are the ones that do the heavy lifting. You still remain the star player of your move, as it should be. Finding a legit moving company is a dreadful process, just like the entire move is. There are so many things that can go wrong, from hiring unreliable movers to coming across full frauds. On the other side, there is an abundance of things that can go right. For instance, you might learn that you found very affordable movers whose competence falls nothing short of brilliant. Such a scenario can turn your move from a dreadful process to a brilliant one. However, finding such movers requires a little bit of guidance and a little bit of luck, so bear with me.

How to find legit movers in Rutherford NJ

Truck on the road

Finding good movers can be a difficult task

There are many movers in Rutherford. These movers will provide you with various levels of service for various amounts of money. Your job is to find the cheapest one that will provide you with a high level of service. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy either.

Start looking on time

Basically, if you are able to foresee your move ahead of time, even months ahead, you will be able to have a better selection of movers in Rutherford NJ. Why? A lot of moving companies will give incremental discounts to those who book a move months ahead of time. The reason why they do this is the fact that they want to make sure they will have work throughout the year and will offer very good deals to those who book a move in August from December. So if you can plan that much ahead, you will save quite a few bucks. However, if you get stuck needing last minute movers NJ – we’re here to help!

The second reason is the fact that you will not be under so much pressure when trying to find the right movers for yourself. By starting ahead of time you will have all the time in the world to research and interview numerous moving companies, regardless of whether you need long distance moving companies in New Jersey or local movers.

Use the internet

Basically, if you wish to be ignorant in the 21st century, that is your choice. So choose not to be ignorant and utilize the internet. How? First, you might find an abundance of moving companies that advertise their services online. Movers in Rutherford NJ are no different. There is a ton of forums that also have people share their numerous experiences with movers, good or bad. 

Laptop on the table

Use the internet to find reliable movers in Rutherford NJ

From these experiences, you can surely learn who you never want to hire. Or, on the other hand, you might learn about companies that you immediately wish to give a call to. Either way, it will open your eyes quite a bit and it also might save you from potential frauds and scams. 

Make a list of at least 3 candidates

Don’t pick one company and blindly stick to their estimates and services. Try to have a list of at least, or even five, that might fit your needs and budget. By interviewing all of them you will end up with a list of offers that you can choose from. Having a choice is always good. And this way you will have three to five choices and you might end up choosing the perfect deal for yourself.

You gave yourself space, you gave yourself options and most importantly you have more than enough time to plan it all out. There’s a bunch of stress removed right there.

Keep an eye out for scams and frauds

Caution sign for fraudulent movers in Rutherford NJ

Be careful as there are many scams and frauds among the moving companies

Not all movers in Rutherford NJ will be truthful and fair. There will be plenty of those that want to take advantage of inexperienced movers and take a few coins out of your purse. We are hoping to help you avoid such scoundrels and have a safe, trouble-free move. We will point out a few that you need to be careful of since these are most common.

Asking for a deposit in advance…

These are quite common. What they will try to do is make a false estimate, and pretend to be a well-established company, and you’d be surprised – they are able to fool quite a few people. When they complete their scam they would change the name of the company and reappear in the market as a new startup.

What they would do is ask for a deposit in advance. After making a pseudo estimation, they would ask for a reasonable deposit, take it – and that would be the last time you see them. How to overcome this? No deposits and no money in advance. Simple as that.

Moving day: Sorry, no available vehicles

What these rascals would do is, on the day of the move give you a call and state that they must reschedule. And you’re already fully packed, waiting on the sidewalk for the truck to appear and start the move.

The scam hides behind the alternative they are about to offer. “Well, even though we have no free trucks, if you are willing to pay extra (read ‘if you’re willing to be scammed’) we can find a suitable vehicle and proceed as planned. If not, we can do it 5 days from now”. What they do is, ask for more money than initially agreed upon to do the move when planned.

The way to protect yourself from such frauds is to sign a pre-agreement based on a fixed estimate they make. With such a contract they are bound to the initially agreed price (and not a penny over), and if they don’t hold their part of the bargain you can either pursue them legally (which they will not want) or you might get service free of charge.

Be smart, be fast and be ready. For everything else, movers in Rutherford NJ are at your disposal! Best of luck!

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