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Planning your relocation budget

Moving isn’t a cheap project. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the most expensive things you’re going to do in your life. There are so many things you need to cover. If you are buying a new house or apartment, then the most part of your relocation budget will go there. And it is totally understandable. Purchasing a new home is not something you would like to save on. On the other hand, you need to be as reasonable as possible.

It wouldn’t be a smart move to spend everything on that purchase, and then to choose the cheapest relocation option. In that case, you can easily find yourself in the situation where your movers aren’t really good. Therefore, you need to plan your expenses to the last detail in order to move successfully. Here are some useful tips that’ll help you with planning your relocation budget.

How to start planning your relocation budget

Once you decide to begin your NJ relocation project, the very first thing is planning. There are so many things you need to include. But, before everything, you need to think about the money. If you are lucky enough to have an unlimited budget, you can skip this. In case you are among vast majority and have a limited budget, you need to handle your money carefully. Any unplanned expense can mess up your plans, and give you a headache. This phase requires your full attention and focus. Hence, clean up your schedule, as you don’t want anything to disrupt your relocation budget planning.

Calculator, pen and paper

You need to plan your relocation budget to the last detail

Think of things you need to include in your relocation budget

If you do not want to forget anything, you need to divide your NJ relocation into several phases. You can do this as you see fit, but one of the most common distributions of moving is following:

  1. Preparation
  2. Purchase or rent of a new place
  3. Finding a moving company
  4. Pre-moving activities
  5. Moving day
  6. Post-moving activities

All these phases will require a certain amount of money. Some of them will cost more, others will be less expensive. But overall, you need to know exactly how much money you’ll spend for each of them. This is the only way to be sure that no extra costs will occur during your relocation. Once you make a list of moving phases, be sure to write down any possible expense you can remember. For an example, hiring NJ long distance moving pros will go under phase number 3 –  “Finding a moving company”. Whenever you remember something new, write it under appropriate phase.

Living costs

This includes the price of your new home in NJ. If you are going to buy one – think of it as a one-time expense. But there is something more you need to add. Think about the taxes and other obligations and fees that come with the purchase. Make a thorough research and consult with some real estate agents in order to get the clear picture.

a house

Costs of living are the most expensive part of your upcoming relocation

In case you want to rent a place, you need to think at least six months in advance. Depending on the rental agreement, maybe even a year in advance. Plus deposit. Do not forget deposit, as it will cost you additional 1-2 months of rent price.

Either way, on the above sum you need to add household bills. Include the price of gas, water, electricity, and internet for at least 3 months in your relocation budget as well.

Finding a good, reliable and affordable moving company

Once you finish planning most expensive part of the relocation, it is time for the most sensitive one. Hiring movers. Finding good, experienced, reliable but still affordable movers is not an easy task. And it shouldn’t be. This part requires additional research, and you should devote some of your time to it. If you do this right, you will spare yourself from having the nervous breakdown. This is why you shouldn’t try to save up with this one at any cost. On the other side, you need to be reasonable about the amount of money you’ll spend on hiring movers.

The best way to determine the amount of money you are going to plan your relocation budget for this phase is by asking around what is the usual price for hiring NJ moving agency. If you have an indicative price you can work with, you’ll be able to calculate your price range. Try to get several quotes, compare them and put in service your negotiation skills.

Do not forget about the insurance

One more thing you should include in your relocation budget is moving insurance. This is something you should definitely purchase in order to sleep tight during the actual move. There are numerous reasons why you should purchase moving insurance, but the most important one is your peace. In case of an accident, this insurance policy will cover any potential damage. If you need to spend few extra dollars for it – do not hesitate.

Pencils on a planner

Make sure you purchase a moving insurance as a precaution

Consider getting a packing service

This is something that many consider it will be cheaper if they do the packing DIY style. Even though it can be the right decision, you should put on paper costs of packing supplies and necessary time. Sometimes hiring professional packers NJ can cost you a little bit more, but it’ll leave you time for other things.

Costs of post-moving activities

Here you can think about costs that you’ll have after relocation. This can include new furniture, home appliances, or simply relaxation time that you’ll need after this big undertaking. Whatever this may be, make sure you include these costs in your relocation budget. And one more thing. Leave some money on the side in case of an emergency.  This extra cash will be very useful if anything unexpected happens. Better safe than sorry.

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