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Reasons to consider moving to Clifton, NJ

If you’re looking for a place to move in the Garden State, we have a real treat for you. Great living conditions, high income and low market real estate value a just some of the reasons for moving to Clifton, NJ. If you continue reading you’ll see that there are a lot more to come. Apart from the financial advantages, this town also has excellent health and environment. What more can a person ask for? Well, you’ll see. What we can guarantee is that Clifton, NJ is a place that will fit most of the people.

About Clifton

Located in the Passaic County, in the State of New Jersey, Clifton holds the title of the eleventh largest in the state. Even though at first glance this would not inspire a lot of people to immediately move there, this town has shown a steady growth of the population in the last couple of years. The population has been steadily growing by 7% a year and has grown from around 70 to over 80 thousand residents.

So, what makes this town so attractive for so many people? What is the reason so many people are moving to Clifton, NJ? Well, it’s easy. Clifton has experienced a rapid growth both economically and in size. This is one of the main reasons why you should move to Clifton. Apart from this, this New Jersey city is very safe which makes it great for families. So, if you are looking for a place to start a life with your new family, you can call your reliable movers NJ now, and schedule your relocation.


As we mentioned before, this city has recently experienced an influx of both people and resources. A lot of people have been moving to Clifton because of the opportunities it provides. Apart from the new job openings, there are a lot of opportunities for starting your own business, since the market has not been fully exploited yet. Also, Promenade Shops and the Clifton Commons are two big malls located on Route 3. They not only provide a ton of jobs but they’re also nice places to visit when you’re shopping. Finally, median income to housing costs ratio in Clifton is extremely good, which means you can invest in real estate. You can buy your own property for your business or decide to rent it out and become a landlord. If you’re into real estate, but you don’t live in New Jersey, you can contact NJ specialists for long distance moves and hire their services.


Clifton is a very diverse town considering the number of its citizens. Apart from this, the entire community is multicultural, as well. You can find people of African-American, Hispanic and even Turkish or Polish origin. All of this makes a city one interesting place to live in. In a place as diverse, denizens mostly avoid the usual racial cliches. Diversity usually entails tolerance, and such is the case with Clifton, NJ. So, you’ll find that it’s easy to get along in this community. As long as you don’t do anything illegal, of course.

a lot of different people together

A diverse environment is usually without prejudice


Education and care of our young ones are always the most important things to a family. This is something that Clifton has to offer as well. Since it’s so diverse, Clifton usually tends to have quiet schools with fewer incidents. Also, Clifton has a teacher-student ratio of almost 1:14, which means there’s one teacher for every fourteen students. That’s definitely not a bad ratio for public schools.

teacher-student ration is on of the reasons to consider moving to Clifton, NJ

1 teacher on every 14 students means that each student gets better attention

If you’re looking for a place for academic education, Clifton may provide some options as well. Since the cost of living is much lower here than in most parts of New Jersey, it actually worth it to move to Clifton and study in Jersey City or New Jork. Even though you might spend some extra money on transportation you’ll save a ton more in living costs.

Reasons for moving to Clifton, NJ: Food

As well as the rest of the state of New Jersey, Clifton has amazing food. Amazing pizzas are available on every corner in Clifton. Also, Rutt’s Hut, a hot dog joint established in 1928 and located on the Delawana Avenue is one of Clifton’s main locations for comfort food lovers. These hot dogs have been around for almost 100 years, which means that they are delicious. If nothing else, these hot dogs will make you contact short distance movers in New Jersey. However, if you are not a hot dog lover, this city also offers a multitude of different types of restaurants and cuisines which will make even the pickiest foodie satisfied. If you don’t believe us, hop by Clifton and try them.

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Some of the best hot dogs in the state are located in Clifton, NJ


With this city in the Garden State, you can reach one of the greatest cities in the world with a short drive. Yes, we are talking about New York. One of the reasons you should consider moving to Clifton, NJ is that it’s close to New York. You can have all the good sides of living in a metropolis, and when you get bored or tired of it, you can go back to your new Clifton home and enjoy laid-back life in a smaller town.


So, in the end, you can see that moving to Clifton, NJ is a good idea. Whether you’re investing in real estate, looking for a new job or just getting a fresh start with your family, you’ll definitely find this city to your liking. With awesome food, good opportunities and low crime rate, it’s easy to see why Clifton is a perfect place for you to make your new home in.

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