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Reasons for moving to Ridgewood

Choosing a new place for relocation can be tricky and challenging. There are so many factors you need to include such as safety, living expenses, schools, hospitals, etc. Picking a state is a good start. Especially if your choice is New Jersy, one of the best states on the East Coast. Now it is time to evaluate all options that this state is offering. If you are looking for a nice and safe place in New Jersy, you should think about moving to Ridgewood. A small neighborhood in Bergen County, close to New York City, and perfect for family life.

Benefits of moving to Ridgewood

Even though it is a small town, in 2010. Ridgewood was on the 26th place of best places to live in the United States. Many Ridgewood residents moved there in pursuit of slow pace environment. Unlike the close Manhattan, this place offers warm and safe surrounding, perfect for both families and single persons. There are many professionals living here and a lot of business opportunities will be at your fingertips. Even though expenses are slightly bigger than the rest of New Jersy, incomes are more than double comparing to the New Jersy average.

Strong sense of community

The close-knit community is one of the best perks of Ridgewood. Everybody here is part of one big happy family. Your neighbors will become your best friends. Loyalty and pride are the things that are very appreciated here. Moving to Ridgewood will definitely expand a list of people to whom you can rely on.

Hands that illustrates strong community

Once you move to Ridgewood you will               become a part of one big strong community

You will be close to the New York City

Living in New York City can be pretty exciting and it is something that many are dreaming of. It is a city that never sleeps, and also full of opportunities for everyone. But living costs in the Big Apple are undoubtedly extremely high. Hence, many people are looking for an alternative to live close to it but at the reasonable expenditure. For this reason, moving to Ridgewood is a very smart choice. It is only 30 miles away from Manhattan, and you will need just one hour drive to enjoy all advantages of NYC.

You will be close to the NYC after moving to Ridgewood

The Big Apple is only 30 miles away

The extremely low crime rate

As has been mentioned, the strong sense of community is something Ridgewood is famous for. As a consequence, criminal activities are something very unusual for this small town. The number of murders recorded in Ridgewood in the past fifteen years is zero. During the same period only a few cases of robbery as well. You will be able to leave your door unlocked and sleep carelessly, knowing that your home is safe. More importantly, you and your family will be completely out of harm’s way. After moving to Ridgewood, you will become a resident of one of the safest cities, not just in New Jersy, but in the whole United States.

Moving to Ridgewood is good for your children

If you are a parent, then you want nothing but the best for your kids. And that is perfectly understandable. There are so many reasons why your kids should grow up here, but here are the most important ones:

Kids playing on the grass

Ridgewood is the perfect place for raising the children

  • Schools – there are 11 public and 5 private schools in Ridgewood. To tell the truth, that information is nothing special when it comes to the quality of education system here. What is exceptional is that the average graduation rate is extraordinarily high. Almost 80% of students have a bachelor’s degree, and more than 12% a doctorate degree. These numbers are the direct indicator of the quality of schools in Ridgewood.
  • Safety – carefree childhood is just another phrase for growing up in Ridgewood. For the simple reason, that there are no criminal activities, you can let your kids play outside even during the evening hours. Not to mention that your children will not have any bad influence, as the community here is cherishing only good and positive values.
  • Art and Culture – art is an essential part of any child’s school life and it is recognized and implemented in the school system. Not to mention that Ridgewood is famous for its Indie Rock scene. Ridgewood Schoolhouse Museum has numerous exhibits during the year, and it is tightly connected with the educational system.

Moving preparation tips

Now that you are definite about moving to Ridgewood, it is time to start planning your move. The first thing you will need for this project is to find good and reliable Ridgewood movers. This is something you need to pay attention to in order to move safe and sound.

Look for reviews

Make a thorough online research, look for reviews and experience of other people that have already used these services. Just be careful as there are some fraudulent companies, trying to overcharge for their service or worse, to steal money. Do not let this scare you. If you do your research right, this won’t be a hard task, as there are plenty good and experienced commercial movers from New Jersey.

Packing tips

After you find a relocating agency that will hire for the job, it is time for packing. It would be very beneficial if you make a packing list that will come very handy during the move. But do not put all your belongings to that list. Pick all items you do not need anymore, or you want to replace with new ones. You can either sell those things or, even better, donate to charity. Once you finish sorting, pack things you are moving to Ridgewood, and label the boxes. This way you will know exactly what is where and you unpacking will be more effective.

In case you still did not find a new place, or your new home is too small for all your belongings, you will need a place to store them. Do not worry as there are some very good and affordable Bergen County storage units on the market that will fit your needs perfectly. Just be sure to book your storage prior to your move.

And that’s it. Now you are ready for moving to Ridgewood and starting one very exciting adventure.

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