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How to find a decent NJ home on a budget

We are fully capable of understanding just how difficult it may be to find a home. This becomes that much harder when you are pursuing your dream home on a budget. NJ is a wonderful place to start a home in and you will not regret that decision. Also, finding an NJ home on a budget is no impossible task, however, it is not easy either.

Now when looking for an NJ home on a budget, we may apply some tips that can work anywhere in the world. Finding a home on a budget is a universal global venture, and it will be no different when we are talking about New Jersey. Don’t forget, once you do end up finding your perfect nest on a budget, you might need services of NJ movers.

When looking for an NJ home on a budget, you need to know your limit, desires and timeframe.

You need to hurry up with your home, but you have a tight budget. Don’t worry!

An NJ home on a budget

There are certain things you need to know when you search for an NJ home on a budget. Some things you need to know about the market, and some about yourself. You, first of all, need to know what you most definitely need and what you never want to have. There are certain things and aspects that are simply a no-go from the start. There are some other aspects that are fundamentally a must have. Either way, know thy self and know thy market.

Know what your deal breakers are

There are some things that you will just never go along with. And this is fine and ok to have. However, what is imperative is to know ahead of time what they are. For instance, a huge deal breaker for myself was a small bathroom. I just wouldn’t go along with it, and I would be ready to eliminate many other things in order to have a spacy bathroom.

So, whatever you do, before you do anything, take a second to brainstorm what are the things you can do without, and what are the things you have to do without. Here are some recommendations about what are the things you might want to consider:

  • Time spent commuting
  • Pets
  • A quiet place to live in or a downtown lively one
  • How equipped you wish your place to be
  • Roommate – yay or nay?
  • Which floor
  • Elevator
  • Windows
  • View

These are just some of the things I myself consider when taking a look at apartments as well as my budget. Also, you might wish to consider whether or not you will be looking for a real estate broker. The problem with such as the fact that they have 10 to 15 percent commision, which if you’re on a budget, you probably won’t be able to afford.

If you're looking for a NJ home on a budget, you need to be patient and search high and low.

Research is key!

Studios? Just drop it

The one specific tip for NJ and NY that we can offer from the get-go is to just stop it with the studio desires. I know it looks cool and all, but it will be very difficult to find, if not impossible. Hence don’t waste time, you have a lot of work to do anyway.

Even if you do end up finding a studio, chances are there will be some major catch to it. Either it will be the size of your car, or you might have a shared bathroom which can be a nightmare. So trust us and drop it, move on to the lengthy search that awaits you anyway. You’re better off looking to how to buy an affordable family house in NJ. 

Check out the Facebook apartment groups

Utilize the free online tools you have at your disposal. People underestimate just how many things they can use Facebook for. For instance, in the case of searching for an NJ home on a budget, Facebook housing groups can prove to be invaluable. You will find entire online communities of people selling/renting apartments as well as people searching for such.

Hence you might get in touch with someone who is, for instance, renting an apartment in New Jersey. You also might be able to see photos immediately and perhaps read some feedback about it.

Or if you don’t like social media, go for the apps

So if Facebook is not your cup of tea, and you wish not to register and use the platform – you have the choice of real estate apps. These apps are easy to use and even easier to navigate. On top of all, they are very intuitive and you will have a very easy time setting up filters.

Make sure to utilize online materials, be it social media or apps.

If you don’t like social media, go for the platforms.

These are amazing, above all. You have some preset filters and some you can set yourself. But they go into a lot of detail. And you might address those deal breakers of yours and just disable them from the filters.

You will end up with a list of apartments in locations of your choosing all together with pictures and other information you must know before calling.

Most importantly – stay safe

Whatever you do, and whoever you engage, you need to stay safe at all times. The fact of the matter is – the industry has grown quite a bit and so has the number of frauds lurking about. Never, under any circumstances, should you share your social security number or other personal information. Furthermore, you should never send any money without previously signed papers confirming such payments.

When it comes to signing documents, make sure that you read everything carefully. Also, maybe consult a lawyer before signing any papers if you are uncertain about what it is.

When seeing an apartment always meet with the landlord in a public place and have someone know where you are going. And if you’re about to be roommates with someone, make sure you first meet that person and know what they are about.

For any assistance in relocating home to New Jersey, we are at your service!

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