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Should you move during the week or weekend?

It takes a lot of planning to choose the moving day that’s perfect for you. One of the decisions you’ll be facing is whether to move during the week or weekend. Since both of these have their advantages and setbacks, you’ll need to decide which better suits you. Here are some things you should consider.

Pros of opting for the weekend

Moving during the weekends seems like a more convenient choice because of a lot of things. First of all, you don’t need to take any days off your work. This can come in handy, especially if your job is the reason for your relocation. Next, moving on the weekend can be more suited for you if you’re relocating a business. Completing your move out of business hours can mean a great deal. You’ll minimize the time your business spends closed. And you’ll start at the new location on Monday.

A sign that says hello weekend

Moving during the weekend can seem too good

Finally, it’s just sometimes better to move on a Saturday, spend Sunday unpacking and start fresh on Monday from your new home. You’ll have more time to spend on unpacking and rearranging your things in your home if you move on the weekend.

Pros of moving during the week

When we want to decide if we should move during the week or weekend we’ll need to take the cost of the move into account. The weekends will probably be booked by companies wanting to move or people who scheduled their moving dates long ago. Since this is the case, the movers will charge more for a weekend relocation. Thus, if you contact your local movers in NJ and schedule your move during the week, you’ll save money!

Another great reason to move during the week can be your kids. Small children who can’t participate in the packing and loading can get in the way. Moving in the week means that they are in school which will make it easier for you to finish everything. Also, this means you won’t need to hire a nanny, send them to a daycare or your friend’s house. Thus making your relocation even cheaper.

Some drawbacks you should consider

Even though the weekend seems like a better time for a move, it certainly has its drawbacks. The main one being the price. Moving and storage NJ companies will usually charge much more for a weekend move than the weekday one. This is something you should take into account when you’re deciding if you want to move during the week or weekend. Paying more just to move on a specific day may not be what’s right for you.

Also, if you have small kids who can’t help with the move, you’ll need to keep them out of the way. This is very hard to do during the weekends, so you’ll need to pay for a daycare or leave them with your friends. Finally, moving during the weekend may make you ineligible for a tax deduction on account of your move. You can check out if you can deduct your moving expenses online.

comparing will help you decide whether you want to move during the week or weekend

Weight the good against the bad to decide what’s best for you


As far as moving during the week is concerned, the situation isn’t perfect as well. When you relocate during the week you’ll run into many challenges:

  • getting the day off from work – probably the hardest thing to do when relocating during the weekdays
  • getting everything done in time – if you don’t get your days off you’ll need to finish your entire move before or after your job.
  • driving during weekday rush-hours – the severity of this problem will depend on the season. If it’s tourist season, you may end up in a traffic jam no matter if you move during the week or the weekend.

What’s more convenient for you?

The final factor you need to take into account is your availability. Is it better for you to move during the week or weekend? When can you get the days off? When do have the most time? You’ll need to answer all of these questions before you decide on your moving day.

So, first of all, check when you can find enough time to have your relocation. You’ll usually end up with a span of a week or two. These are your options. Now you can decide whether you want the weekday or the weekend. Other factors may influence your decision as well. Holidays, church days or other important dates may end up making the choice for you. Why would you relocate on your anniversary? Or on Thanksgiving

Finally, if you need to move quickly and need last minute moving assistance NJ you may not be able to choose which day of the week you’ll be relocating on. However, even this can play to your advantage. If your relocation has to be on a weekday you may end up paying less.

If you need help when you move during the week or weekend

Whether you decide you want to move during the week or weekend you’ll need some help. It’s usually best to hire moving specialists. Professional movers are much better equipped to assist you with your relocation. Their experience and skill can come in handy if you run into difficulties on your relocation. Especially if you need commercial movers in NJ. When you’re relocating your business, you’ll definitely want the help of professionals.

friends will help you whenever you decide to relocate

Even though your friends may show enthusiasm they’re still not very experienced movers

You can also ask help from your friends. They are cheap, and available whether you move during the week or weekend. However, their inexperience may prove counter-productive to your moving efforts. In the end, you may end up paying more for the damage that if you’d hired professional movers.

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