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Common details about movers people forget to check

Choosing a moving company to handle your relocation is a smart way to save time, and sometimes even money. However, how can we be sure we’ve hired reputable movers in NJ and not a fraudulent company? Well, that’s why we need to do our research on every company we think of hiring. And to help you research your potential relocators even better, we’ve made a list of common details about movers people forget to check.

Moving can be a chaotic ordeal and not everyone remembers all the things they need to do before, during or after the move. Thus, a lot of people forget to look up some things about their movers. Because of this, many fraudulent movers swindle people out of their belongings. In order to have a safe and satisfactory move, you’ll need to research your moving company well. Here are some details you should be careful about.

Get the info

Before you choose to hire a moving you should get all the information about it. Most people just settle for the company name and their number, but you should know better. For example, your reliable and affordable movers in Westwood NJ should have some references. Apart from these, you should know the company’s website, e-mail, and address.

a person checking moving companies

Do your research to cover all the details about movers people forget to check

It’s also important to research your company online. Every moving company should have a license number. A company’s USDOT number is one of the most important details about movers people forget to check. This number should give you all the information you’ll need about the company. It is easy to come by – just ask your movers and they should be able to tell you. You just need to enter the number in the FMCSA search engine for moving companies and you’ll have your answer.

Company offices

Illegal movers usually don’t have offices or if they do they aren’t very presentable. Whether a moving company has presentable offices is one of the details about movers people forget to check.

the state of the office is one of the details about movers people forget to check

Reliable movers will have neat offices

Apart from avoiding frauds, getting a good look at the business space of your potential movers will give you a good idea of what you can expect from them. You can’t expect people who don’t take care of their place of business to be professional and punctual. So, if you’re looking for reputable movers Rutherford NJ you should go to their offices before you hire their services. After you’ve finished your inspection, you’ll know whether you want to hire them or not.

Inspect the trucks

Other details about movers that people forget to check are the moving trucks. You can learn a lot about a moving company by inspecting their trucks. First and foremost, the state of the trucks will serve in the same way as the state of the company’s offices. It will let you know a bit more about your movers.

a professional looking moving truck

Good movers should have professional looking vehicles

Apart from this, a moving truck should have the company’s logo printed on it. If your company’s moving truck doesn’t have anything on it, you may be a victim of a fraud. This is why it’s essential to check out the moving trucks before you decide to hire a certain company. If your movers refuse to show their trucks or give you some excuses about why they can’t – don’t hire them! Any reputable moving company should be able to show you their vehicles.

Ask about insurance

Whether you’re moving long distance or you need local moving services in New Jersey you need to ask your movers about insurance. Most interstate movers should have some basic coverage and will offer you an advanced insurance plan. Make sure you read the contract well and don’t sign anything you’re not comfortable with. Especially don’t sign blank contracts. If something seems out of place, don’t be afraid to consult a lawyer or another expert.

home insurance for a move

Ask your representative about insurance

Even though some companies don’t provide insurance for short-distance moves, you should still ask them about it. Consult your representative and see what they offer you. Insurance is one of the details about movers people forget to check.

Crucial details about movers people forget to check

Some of these details might seem a bit over the top, but they suit the gravity of the situation. If you don’t do the research you might end up a victim of a fraud.

  • Check reviews online – see what other people have to say about your potential movers. If there are a lot of negative reviews you might want to consider a different company. Also, be on the lookout for companies whose reviews seem odd in general.
  • Call the local consumer protection agency – reach out to your local agency and ask about the moving companies you’d like to hire. See if there have been any complaints and inquire in general about them.
  • Check up your moving company representative – this is a detail about movers most people forget to check when they are planning their relocation. You should always check out the representative of the moving company you plan to hire. Call the company (or better yet go there) and ask if your rep really works for them.
  • Request a free estimate – ask your movers for an estimate of your moving costs. If they are legitimate they will accept.

As you can see, there are a lot of details about movers people forget to check. For your relocation, make sure that you check all of them to be on the safe side. Remeber to ask for help, whether it’s legal or emotional. And finally, prepare for a new start knowing that you’ve hired a moving company you can count on!

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