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Best places for families in Bergen County

Finding the right place to relocate your family is not an easy task. Safety, school districts and commuting time are just some of the criteria you should include into your evaluation. Even more important is the neighborhood itself.  When moving with children, settling in easy is very important. Relocating away from your current home will be a huge change for them. Finding the right place they can easily adapt to will make the relocation much easier. Moving to one of the best places for families in Bergen County will let you have a peaceful family life while being close to the NYC. Family-friendly BC cities will welcome you into their community and you will have no trouble settling in. 

Best places to live in Bergen County

a family taking a walk after moving to one of the best places for families in Bergen County

Bergen County is quiet, has amazing nature and is home to some of the best schools in the country.

There are many safe towns for raising your family in New Jersey. Choosing one will be a tough choice. In order to help you make the decision let’s take a quick look at some of the best places to live in Bergen County:

  • Glen Rock
  • Washington Township

Glen Rock, one of the best places for families in Bergen County

A friendly and walkable borough, Glen Rock, is located just 23 miles away from Manhattan and is the perfect place for families. If you are looking for a “white picket fence” lifestyle and a place where neighbors will know your name, Glen Rock will fell like home from the very first day!

a girl with a butterfly

Your kids will love learning about nature after moving to Glen Rock!

Friendly community is the first thing you will notice after moving to Glen Rock, one of the best places in NJ to raise a family. However, besides picturesque streets, Glen Rock much more to offer. It has great schools, which of whom some are considered to be among the best ones in the U.S. There are many great restaurants and fresh food groceries. Also, if you are looking for real estate investments in NJ,  you can find your perfect home in Glen Rock. As there are many diverse housing options divided by style you will quickly fall in love with this amazing neighborhood.

Having a healthy family lifestyle will be fun in Glen Rock! Thielke Arboretum, a wetland forest, has many great trails and beautiful gardens. Also, it offers educational programs where your children can learn more about nature and science.

Washington Township, one of the safest places to raise your family in New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey will definitely be a big step and a huge change for your family. Relocations can become stressful. However, knowing that you are moving to a safe borough will make the whole process much easier. Washington Township has repeatedly been ranked among top 10 safest places in New Jersey. This close-knit community, with somewhere around 9,000 residents, has its own culture and amazing historic areas. Also, besides being safe and family-friendly, Washington Township offers great educational opportunities for your children. Therefore it is no wonder more families are choosing to move here every year.

a girl studying after moving to one of the best places for families in Bergen county

Washington Township offers great education opportunities!

Even though it is a small community, don’t let the number of its residents fool you. There is always something going on. It is also located close to the NYC. Therefore, commuting to work won’t be a big deal. As everyone is welcomed in Washington Township, the same goes for your pets!

Washington Township in numbers

Let’s take a quick look at this amazing NJ borough in numbers:

  • 9,355 people live in Washington Township, one of the best places for families in Bergen County
  • 2,959 square miles area
  • $493,700 is the average home value
  • $2,241 is the median rent
  • $113,963 is the median annual home income 
  • 54% of its residents have a Bachelor or Master degree 
  • 3,2% is the violent crime rate

Relocation tips for moving to one of the best places for families in Bergen County

Even though choosing the right neighborhood is the most important task of a relocation, it is only the first one. Moving to a new home is both fun and stressful. When moving, people often get overwhelmed and forget to plan in advance. Having a detailed moving plan is crucial for a proper and stress-free relocation. 

The moving plan

In order to create the best moving plan, we suggest you start planning your relocation as soon as possible. If possible, start planning few months ahead. This way you will have just enough time to prepare for the relocation and plan the moving. Therefore, start by making a checklist.

Hiring a professional mover

Whether you are moving to NJ from another state or just to a different neighborhood you will probably need some help. Having the professionals to help you will make your relocation to one of the best places for families in NJ quick and easy. Relocation services like moving and storage NJ will be more than helpful. A reputable moving company can take care of every moving step for you.

moving dolly with a box packed for moving to one of the best places for families in bergen county

Professional movers can help you have a stress-free relocation!

When choosing a moving company you will need to research. Reputable movers will know how to take care of your move quickly and safely. Movers in Ridgefield Park offer all moving services including moving insurance, packing, unpacking, transport and loading and unloading of your boxes.

Packing like a pro

Even though your mover can take care of this process as well, you might feel more comfortable doing it yourself. If so, you will need a packing plan. Create few lists and divide the items you want to move, throw away or donate. This way you will have a packing list ready for the packing day. As your movers won’t be responsible for the boxes they haven’t packed, you will need to pay a close attention to the packing and crating NJ  material. Make sure your items are safe and label the boxes clearly.

Moving day preparations

Time flies by and the moving day will come soon! Make sure you are prepared. Make sure you have fulfilled any pre-departure tasks. Dress properly and make sure your kids away from the truck loading area. Don’t let unimportant issues ruin your moving day, and don’t forget to have fun while moving to one of the best places for families in Bergen County!

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