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How to hire professional Glen Rock Movers

Even if you have had moved a few times before you should keep in mind that every relocation is different. Therefore, every time you consider moving to a different state, city or even just a neighborhood you should make a detailed moving plan and choose your movers carefully. In order to avoid moving scams, you should hire a reputable and reliable mover. A professional moving company will help you relocate with ease while safely taking care of your belongings. Hiring professional Glen Rock Movers will make your relocation quick and easy. In order to choose the right moving company, you will need to follow few simple steps.

Few steps to follow when looking for professional Glen Rock Movers

Moving to New Jersey will be a big change for both you and your family. Even though a relocation is fun it may become stressful. Planning a fresh start and thinking about new memories you will make in your new home will be exciting. However, the move might become less fun if you don’t have the proper help and support. Don’t get carried away and overlook the importance of finding the best professional moving companies in New Jersey.

A reputable Glen Rock mover carrying a box

Having a reliable moving company to help you with your relocation will make the whole process quick and easy

Moving industry is constantly growing, and with more than 40 million Americans relocating each year, it is no wonder that moving scams are common. You will be able to protect your belongings, avoid NJ moving scams and relocate safely by researching and hiring a reputable and professional Glen Rock moving company.

Research, research, research

The most important task of any relocation is proper planning. In order do it right you will need time. Therefore, start planning your move and look for reputable Glen Rock movers as soon as possible. The way to do so is to start researching few months in advance. This will give you enough time to plan the move and choose a reputable moving company. When looking for a reliable NJ moving company follow a simple research checklist:

  • Visit  the online pages of professional Glen Rock movers
  • Contact few moving companies and ask for quotes and in-house estimates
  • Ask for recommendations and look for the reviews
  •  Do an additional research

Online research

Man researching online for professional Glen Rock Movers

Pay close attention to how moving companies present themselves online

As obvious as this step may seem, don’t overlook the importance of moving companies online presence. Any reputable moving company will be more than proud to have a clear and branded online presentation. They will also clearly state their location, address and have quality photos of their facilities and vehicles. Professional Glen Rock moving companies also like clearly branding their trucks as well as packing and crating materials. Trust your instincts and don’t consider hiring a moving company with a poor online profile.

Contacting the professional NJ moving companies

After researching online, decide which companies you want to contact. We suggest you make a list of a few companies you like and call them. While on the phone, pay attention to details. A professional mover will always answer the phone by the company’s name rather than with just “Movers” or “Moving Company”.  Also, prepare a list of questions you will ask them:

women working in call centers of professional Glen Rock Movers

A professional Glen Rock mover will always gladly answer all of your questions

  • Ask about their company and how long they have been in business. 
  • Look for their license number.
  • Ask for a list of the moving services they provide and moving insurance options.
  • Don’t forget to ask about additional charges and deposits.

A reputable Glen Rock mover will patiently and politely answer all of your questions. Also, if you are having an interstate relocation and looking for long distance movers NJ ask additional questions. Long distance transports sometimes require moving your boxes to a different vehicle along the way. Even though this is not uncommon and a professional mover will transport your items safely, this is an information you are allowed to know.

The movers’ estimates and costs

When contacting a professional Glen Rock mover always ask for a moving quote. In addition to the cost itself pay a close attention which moving services it includes. A reputable New Jersey mover will always clearly state the moving services their estimate covers. Look for any hidden costs they may charge additionally. Keep in mind that moving companies are not allowed to sell moving insurance, so they will most likely offer reimbursement options. Even though it should be included in the price, consider finding a third party insurance coverage.

After getting a quote ask your mover for an in-house estimate. This will allow you to meet their employees in person and get an accurate moving cost. After getting all of the information you need it will be easy for you to plan your moving budget.

Ask around and search for the reviews of professional Glen Rock movers

Even though you might like a moving company, continue researching. Ask your friends and family for recommendations and advice. Former customers’ reviews can also give you insights into the quality of services a professional Glen Rock company offers. Keep in mind that moving companies tend to keep only good reviews on their online profiles. Therefore, visit forums and blogs for additional information. In addition to researching by yourself, you can also ask a moving company to provide you with letters of recommendation.

Where to get relevant additional information about professional New Jersey moving companies

online research of reputable New Jersey moving companies

Make sure you follow all of the research steps and find the most reliable New Jersey movers

Following the steps above will provide you with important information you need when deciding on a moving company’s reliability. In order to check the reputability additionally, check the information a mover gave you. Contact the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and check mover’s license and insurance information.

American Moving and Storage Association is another great source that can provide you with relevant information about the legitimacy of the professional Glen Rock movers. However, keep in mind that moving companies are not obliged to be a member of the AMSA and not being a part of it doesn’t make it illegal.

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