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Moving to Bergen County- How to Properly Prepare

In my case, moving is quite a big deal. I am not a frequent mover, as some of my friends are, but I do move too often (in my book). My last huge move was me moving to Bergen County. Now, to be completely honest, before the move was introduced to my life I didn’t know much of the place.

In the ignorance that enveloped my entire moving process, I was trying to grab as much info as possible. However, there wasn’t that many to go by. I mean, every time I move Iove to have the ability to call my new place home. And I wished to call Bergen County home. But in order to do so, I needed to prepare quite a bit.

This set of keys is a representation of you succesfully moving to Bergen County, to enjoy your new home.

Home, sweet home.

Many moving steps needed proper coordination whilst finding the best Bergen County movers I could find. My move didn’t end up being half as bad. A lot of things had to be improvised as we go, but it all worked out fine. I am hopeful that it will work out just as good for you.

Here are a few tips, regardless of whether you’re moving alone or with your family.

Moving to Bergen County – Where’s That?

For you who are worse than me in the ignorance department, Bergen County is the most densely populated part of New Jersey. Also, a very valuable member of the New York City Metropolitan Area. Separated from Manhattan by the Hudson River.

Bergen County is home to numerous colleges and museums. An impeccable combination of art and education. Aside from it, there is plenty of entertainment as well as bountiful culture. If Bergen County is going to be your next home, rest assured – you will most definitely not regret it.

Preparing for the Move

Moving to Bergen County, just like most of the other moves, requires certain steps in order to prepare for it like a boss. Try to take the several tips that will follow since it will make it all that much easier for you. Don’t underestimate this move. The price is too big. Not worth it. Start planning on time and take precautions.

Leave Behind Things you don’t Need!

Before you actually dig into packing and preparing for the move, make sure you discard everything you know you will not need. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to Bergen County or the North Pole, you don’t need to drag things you know you won’t use.

Two good things will come out of this – it will be that much easier to pack and your entire move will be that much cheaper. You could always have a garage sale to get rid of those things you no longer use – and make an extra buck. If not, please consider that many charities need help – and something old and silly you don’t need might change someone’s life.

Get Moving Boxes

Alright, so this is one of those things you don’t really think about. But suddenly it hits you-you’re going to need moving boxes. Yeah, packing without those can turn out to be quite a drag.

You could always go out and buy boxes. But this will give extra expense point. Moving to Bergen County isn’t cheap, and you shouldn’t go out of your way to make it even less cheap.

When moving to Bergen County you will be faces with a huge amount of boxes.

Dance with your boxes.

Don’t be lazy, walk around and you’ll be surprised at how many you can find – various stores, restaurants, bars, etc. All of them use boxes for various goods that are delivered to them, and usually, afterward, they have no use for those boxes. So, snatch those free boxes, pack up and get ready to move!

Make Sure to Have an Essential Box

So when you stack a ton of belongings into various boxes, and you label of all them so that they don’t get mixed up – you need to pack your essential box. 

Packing is a skill, and just like any other, it gets better with time and experience. For instance, packing fragile items is almost like an art. It requires special tools and an incredible amount of patience. But, back on topic, what is an essential box?

We can agree you won’t be needing half of the things you’re packing in the first week. However, some things are going to be imperative the moment you arrive. These things will go into your essential box. This box will be at the top, and you will be able to reach it with ease at all times. It will contain the things you use the most, and those things will always be within arms reach.

Moving to Bergen County Made a Breeze

There are a few things throughout your move that could make your relocation to Bergen County easy as pie. The first, best, thing you can do is start planning and coordinating your move months ahead. This will give you enough time to prepare for just about anything and will remove all the stress.

Nothing like a good book next to a fireplace after the move was done.

And once all of it is done, you will be ready to enjoy your new home.

However, other steps you can take are:

  • Carefully select your movers
  • Research storage units in Bergen County 
  • Take your time reading all the moving documentation before you sign them
  • Research moving insurance
  • Visit your new home before the move
  • Prepare your family and pets for the move (start months ahead)

If you take all these steps and prepare yourself – chances of any stress occurring are minimal. Don’t rush things, take your sweet time and enjoy as you see very well planned events unfold before your very eyes. And remember, in this day and age ignorance is a choice – choose otherwise!


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