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How to prepare your boat for transport

It is of utmost importance to properly prepare your boat for transport. You worked very hard and paid a lot of money for that boat, hence it is no surprise that you wish for it to arrive at the final destination in pristine condition.

Everything needs to be fully secured, and some damages that existed before the move need to be identified if any. This is for you not to face any surprises once you arrive at the final destination. Also, by knowing where your boat was damaged before will remove the suspicion of something going south in this specific transport.

If you want to properly prepare your boat for transport, you need to follow a lot of precaution steps.

Your boat is your prized possession. Make sure you take good care of it.

The good news is that you are not alone when you prepare your boat for transport. There are countless agencies and companies that can do this for you. Also, make sure that if you don’t feel like you are up to the task, you contact someone from a qualified boatyard. Furthermore, even if you did it on your own, make sure you have a licenses boat surveyor take a look at everything and provide you with a thumbs up.

We will now cover some essential things you need to do when preparing your boat for transport. Now, we are not saying that the transport will fail if you decide not to do these steps. However, the chances of everything going smoothly are exponentially higher if you do.

Prepare your boat for transport – important steps

There are some light steps that you need to take, and there are some that are a bit more extreme. In a way, when you are working with such an expensive piece of machinery, you really want to take care of all the details. I am the same way with my car. Sometimes I polish it for hours on end, just to make sure that every little line is perfect. Same is with the boat, especially when you prepare your boat for transport.

There are countless steps that you need to take beforehand, and unless you are a trained professional we strongly advise you to at least consult a professional. If you still decide to do it on your own, don’t say we didn’t warn you if, God forbid, something goes wrong. These steps will help with this type of a scenario as well.

Photos of the boat

You will be taking a lot of photographs of your boat before the transport. The reason for this is three-fold. Number one, you wish to record on photography the current condition of the boat. Every dent, and every scratch – you should know where they are if any. This saves you a hell of a lot of time when your final destination is reached and you need to put the boat in the garage. If by any chance you come across some problems or damages make sure you make a list of your date stamped photos. Your auto transport NJ you hire will also make an assessment in order to fill a condition report.

Preparing your boat for transport has you prepare for the worst.

Photos will help you keep track of things.

The photos will give you insight into whether you damaged your bote during the move, or before the move itself. This can save a lot of time and frustration since you will know what happened and how. Also, when you move your boat to a different location, you need to disassemble quite a few things. By taking the photo beforehand, you will have a much better impact as to what comes where. Having these photos will put a better perspective as to what falls into where.

Personal belongings

You have to make sure that you emptied the boat of all unnecessary personal belongings you might have left at the boat. You don’t want everything rattling, falling over and breaking because we left something in the van. With this, make sure that you have cleaned everything and further inspect for any damage. Make sure that the interior is impeccable because only then can someone actually detect anything dirty.

Must have a list of things to remember

There is a list that you need to have when you prepare your boat for transport. This mandatory list will be something that most experienced movers NJ will have you create. The list will consist of obligatory things you must keep an eye out when moving your boat.

  • Choose a proper marina that has a 14′ clearance, in order to make sure no wires or branches will meddle with the boat at the start of its journey.
  • Double check all gear above and below the deck, to avoid any rattling loose stuff.
  • Latch and tape all the cabin windows from the outside
  • Make sure you drain all the fuel from the boat. Also, make sure that you drain all the water as well. Finally, remove any potential drain plugs from the hull.
  • In order to make sure no damage comes during winter, drain all water systems, pumps and air conditioners.
  • Disconnect all the batteries, and make sure you firmly secured all the cables.
If you want to have a good boat you must get a good home for it too.

Choose a proper marina.

Please note that no transporter will be held accountable in any way for damages caused by your failure to properly prepare the boat. These tips are universal, and it doesn’t matter whether you are moving during the summer or winter. If you are uncertain about different elements of the transport, make sure you contact professionals for advice. Do note that boats are not made for such transports, so in order for everything to go smoothly, you need to be extra careful about all the details.


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