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Fun for singles in Atlantic City

When you hear Atlantic City, you usually think of casinos, hotels and huge discount malls. Even though that’s a good first guess, this city has much more to offer. Spend ten minutes in any bar on a weekend and you’ll see that this city is a heaven for bachelors and bachelorettes. Whether you prefer spending Saturday night at a huge pool party or at one of the clubs, there’s a lot of fun for singles in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City is famous throughout the nation for many things. It’s the home of the Miss America competition and on the game Monopoly. But, apart from this, you can find a lot of interesting things here. Especially if you’re single because Atlantic City is one of the places for singles in the US. It scored 4.83 out of 5 on Travel and Leisure’s ‘good for singles’ scale, and the score is well earned. So, if you’re single and would like a change of scenery, you can call your local movers in NJ and relocate to Atlantic City.

The nightclubs

If you’re out to mingle than the best places to go to are the clubs. AC usually has an excellent music scene and a lot of artists even go there to party themselves. Each place has its own unique touch and they all offer something different. So, you can find something to everyone’s taste! Do you prefer dance music, EDM or hip-hop? You can find it all sorts of fun for singles in Atlantic City. Even though they are diverse the clubs are usually packed! So, make sure to call in a reservation early.

The Pool After Dark

This is the only nightclub in town where you can take a swim and then go and rejoin the party. While you’re being entertained by some of the hottest artists of the year, you can enjoy yourself in one of the many areas. Here, you can check out the stage and dance or hang out by the pool sipping your cocktail. Or, you might be in one of the VIP lounges or cabas getting your bottle service. Finally, you might decide to find entertainment among the blackjack tables and roulette in the loft and try out your luck, since gambling is legal in Atlantic City.

roulette wheel and ball

You might want to try your luck.

Haven Nightclub

If you feel like dancing your pants off to the music of some of the best DJs around, you should come to Haven. The music is live and awesome while the interior is great. Once again, you can be on the dance floor or choose one of the VIP tables. However, if you’re here to mingle, the dance floor seems like a better idea. Haven has a huge area designated for dancing, so you’ll have plenty of room to show your moves around. The atmosphere is so good in this club you’ll definitely contact the reliable movers in NJ and schedule a moving date for AC.

Bars are fun for singles in Atlantic City

If you don’t have any dance moves or just don’t like clubs, then the bars are the way to go! Enjoy great food in a variety of settings or catch a game with your friends.

Mountain Bar

This country style bar is a great place to experience the best of what Atlantic City has to offer. It’s affordable, spacious and offers many interesting activities. Experience your single life to the fullest by playing a few games of beer pong. Along with the beer pong table, you can find some arcade games. So, if you’re a fan of the bar culture and single hire movers in Atlantic City and relocate to one of the top bar cities in the state.

a set of beer pong cups and a ball

Playing beer pong is fun for singles in Atlantic City

Wet Willie’s

Wet Willie’s offers something a bit out of the ordinary. In this bar, you can get alcoholic slushies of various flavors. From classic cocktails in slushy form to the bar’s signature drinks, you never go thirsty in here.


If it’s food you’re after then this is the place for you. This bar prepares barbecue, wings, ribs, and fish, but, that’s not all. You can get some mean deserts here as well. The prices aren’t too high and the choice of food and drinks is excellent.

a delicious burger with a side of fries

Food is great and it’s not too expensive to eat out

Free fun for singles in AC

If you’re on a tight budget you can’t go ver, don’t worry. You still have a lot of great places to visit for free or for a very low fee.

  • Atlantic City beach – enjoy your single life next to the water in the hot summer days. A day at the beach is always a fun one.
  • Cape May – if you like a calmer beach you can drive or take a bus to Cape May. It’s about 45 minutes away from AC and it’s worth to check it out. The fact that this beach is calmer doesn’t mean it’s not fun for singles in Atlantic City!
  • Boardwalk – a great way to view some history and do a bit of shopping. The Atlantic City Boardwalk was well preserved for the last couple of decades, so it looks well. And, it’s lined with bars as well as restaurants, if you need a break from walking.
visiting Cape May is fun for singles in Atlantic City

Cape May is just a drive away

Moving to Atlantic City

If you’re single and you like what you read about Atlantic City, you should hire relocation specialists and move there. It may a good opportunity to change things up a bit and start fresh somewhere new. When you’re moving in the spur of the moment always hire last minute moving NJ services. Because, if your relocation isn’t fast and stress-free you may end up not having any fun for singles in Atlantic City.

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