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How to build a gym in your basement

Going to the gym after work is exhausting and time-consuming. We miss our workouts because we don’t want to lose time going back and forth. The solution is to get the gym to come to us. If you have some extra space in your house you can build a gym in your basement. This is a big step and no one should take it lightly. However, with our tips, you’ll have your home gym-ready in no time.

a man riding a bike in a hurry to get to the gym

We don’t always have time to go to the gym


So, you’ve just said goodbye to your local movers NJ and moved into your new home. Everything is unpacked and ready, and now you start to picture a workout space in your basement. Whatever you want your workout area to look like, there are certain things that it must have in order to be usable. One of these is space. You need to be realistic about your basement space. If you don’t have a lot of room, try to keep your gym simple and small. Don’t buy a treadmill if you don’t have where to put it. Also, if you can free up some space for your gym, don’t hesitate!

All the space available should be used in some way

Make sure you fully utilize your space

Next, check your ceiling. You should be able to extend your arms fully and still not touch it. If it’s lower than that you might have to limit the exercises you can do in your gym. You’ll need to know how to exercise effectively in a small space. After you’ve decided how you want to build a gym in your basement, you’ll need to ensure that the place is safe.

Build a gym in your basement safely

If you’re going to spend time in the basement you will have to make it livable. If your basement is unfinished you should take some precautions to ensure the safety of anyone who uses it.

  • waterproofing – the first thing you’ll need to do is to protect the space from humidity. Humidity and no sunlight mean mold and you don’t want to be breathing that in while you work out. Make sure the gym in your basement is waterproof! Only then will you be able to exercise there.
  • test the floor – there are many things that can go wrong with the floor of a basement. The most common one is that it’s cold. Because it’s underground, your floor might be freezing to the touch. Even if this is not the case, you should have some isolation between you and the floor.
  • ventilation – since you’ll be breathing rapidly down there because of your workouts you should get some sort of ventilation system. Also, your home gym will get stuffy if there’s no way to let all the air out.
  • light – when you build a gym in your basement make sure it’s well lighted. Invest in bright bulbs and lamps. This will help prevent injuries. Bring light also increases concentration which you’ll need when you’re working out. And besides, have you ever heard of a gloomy gym?
  • install a mirror – installing a mirror in your workout area is always a good idea. It will help you improve your form and prevent muscle imbalance or injury. Apart from this, it will reflect the light and make your gym even brighter.
you should have a mirror in the gym in your basement

Installing a mirror can improve the lighting and prevent injuries


In order to trick yourself to spend more time down there, you’ll need to make your gym as appealing as possible. You can do that by adding a touch of your personal design to it.

Paint your home gym

You’ll not want to spend a lot of time a room with bare gray walls. So, choose a nice color and paint your home gym. Experts say that soothing colors are the way to go. They influence you while you exercise and improve your mindset. However, you can decide to paint it in any color that you think will motivate you.


When you build a gym in your basement try to give it your personal touch. Be it motivational posters, framed pictures from when you were slimmer or your favorite band, it should be your personal gym. Also, you can install a TV and speakers there to have something to do while you’re on the treadmill.

If you have enough space you can even have a cupboard for towels or a small fridge for refreshment. Just make sure you don’t turn your workout space into a recreational center. One thing you’ll want to avoid putting in the gym in your basement is any type of chair. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to get too comfortable or you won’t exercise enough.

Get equipment

In order to fully maximize the potential of your basement gym, you’ll need to find the right equipment for your conditions. Since space is a limiting factor, if your new workout area is bigger than your old one, you can buy some equipment in advance and use the best storage services in NJ. You’ll ensure your things are safe and you can have them delivered to your new home. Make sure you have enough room to put all your equipment!

a row of dumbells you should have when you build a gym in your basement

Have the movers transport your exercising equipment

Relocating a home gym

Once you build a gym in your basement moving it can be really difficult. It can range from a hard chore to a terrible nightmare. So, if you don’t know where to start on this, check out our packing guide NJ. However, sometimes even with all the knowledge, you might not be able to do it alone. Don’t be afraid to hire professional movers if you don’t feel confident. Professionals are experienced in relocating gyms and they’ll move yours with little trouble.

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