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How to stage your home for sale

So, you have decided to sell your old home. Good for you, for it means you are ready to move forward with your life to new (and hopefully better) venues. The first thing you should consider is how to properly stage your home for sale. This might seem daunting at first, but when you are finished reading this you will realize it is much simpler than you initially thought. To start things off, what you need to do is think “what do I want from a new home” and put yourself in the shoes of the new homeowner.

If you want to properly sell your home you need to stage your home for sale.

Selling your home requires you to stage your home.

The first thing to do is look for a new home yourself. That’s right before you consider selling your home, go around and look at various homes. That is something you will need to do anyway, so might as well do it first. It will be of invaluable help when you stage your home for sale. You see, you can always stage a home, and that is a fact. This, of course, does not mean you should spend an inordinate amount of time staging it. No, what it means is that you can apply all your, and others, experiences toward staging it to perfection. The more experience you have and the more of it that you acquire by reading this article, the better.

Alright, let us proceed to the meat, so to speak. The most crucial thing is the simplest. Your old home needs to be clean. Period. What we want is for it to shine, we want it to have no specks of dust anywhere. You see, we humans really appreciate clean stuff.  Many will overlook imperfections if everything is spotless. It gives any home a “wow” feeling. Now, this actually gets a bit tricky and difficult with some older homes and that is fine. You need to pay attention to what it looks like when you finish. For example, you’ve cleaned the bathroom but everything still looks old and dirty.

That is no good, even though it is clean it does not look clean. In these cases, you would do well to perform some minor repairs. Perhaps you need a layer of polish. Maybe some holes need to be plugged, etc. What is important is that it looks spotless once you’re completely done with it. By now you must be wondering about the amount of work that will go into it.

Stage your home for sale – That is a lot of work!

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, yeah it is a lot of work. But that is why it pays so well. By doing all of this, you can raise the price of your old home by quite a bit. You see, when you really put in work to stage your home for sale, you can get as much as 50% more than if you just sold it as it was. Of course, all of this could be assigned to professional painters and cleaning services but it is something that will be best done by you, trust me. Oh, and it will be a hell of a lot cheaper!

Alright, my home is clean already, what now?

Next step to properly stage your home for sale is to consider if you will have some furniture in it. This step involves some creativity and thought, as different people will like different arrangements. Also, to be perfectly honest with you, you will sometimes use this furniture to cover the parts of the apartment you simply can’t fix. There may be a really bad section of the wall which would require some serious repairs. Maybe there is a floor stain that is so resilient that it is impossible to clean. This is where furniture comes in. You cover all those imperfections with some furniture. A rug or a cabinet at the right place could save you hours of work. If you are unsure as to how you can do all this, affordable Paramus movers could be of assistance.

If you want to hand over the keys to your home to someone else, the place first needs to be spotless.

Before you can hand over the keys, you need to make everything spotless.

Obviously, I am not advising you to cover everything up with furniture and just leave it that way. You should use this sparingly when you stage your home for sale, as it has a potential to critically backfire. Too many of these covered imperfections raise the chance of them being discovered. That being said, you should not leave any major shortcomings of your home unfixed and just slam the furniture to cover it. Think about how would you feel if you discovered something like that in your new home.

Furniture is done, next?

Home is clean, furniture arranged, all is looking great! It might seem there is nothing else to do but to cross your fingers and hope for someone who will be blown away and just shower you with money. At this point, you should be looking at improving the “finer details”. Walk around the place, try to get a feel for it. Does anything look off? Why does it look off? By spending some time pondering questions like these, you will see that there is much to improve on. This step is perhaps the most critical one.

You want to stage your home for sale so that when someone walks into the first question in their mind is “Why is this person selling this place?”. When you get to that point, you are all set. Oh, and another thing. I know it may sound absurd, but you have no idea how much a piano can change the feel of the place. Consult your piano movers NJ, they may be of help.

If you want to sell your home, you need to place all the right things in the right place.

Just a few details placed in the right place and your home can look entirely different.

And to wrap this all up, get some acquaintances to visit your home. Do not tell them you are selling it but that you are considering purchasing it. See what they think, write it down, and fix the issues they have found. This might just be the most important step. You are only one critic and no one is perfect. By having many people evaluate the home you will get some ideas and see things that you have not considered yourself, trust me. Oh, and make sure you check on plenty of other tips for homebuyers and home sellers.

Good luck!

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