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Movers Englewood NJ – How to Hire the Best

Moving is scary. I know. If it weren’t scary you probably wouldn’t be here, reading this blog about how scary it is. However, at the end of this post, we are hoping that it will be somewhat less scary. The process of moving can be that much easier when you’re in the right hands. Movers Englewood NJ will feel at ease knowing that there moving companies in NJ who will make this dreadful process a breeze.

Still, regardless of which moving company you choose – we would like to discuss several criteria that will be essential when picking your moving company. These will be of vital importance, for you do not wish to be in a pickle of selecting a ‘bad’ moving company. A bad moving company can mean several things:

  • Fraudulent Movers (Scammers)
  • Unprofessional (Rude) Movers
  • Unprofessional (Low Quality) movers


Movers Englewood NJ will want to look for the best moving company they can find. Using these tips you will be able to entrust someone with moving your fridge and other valuable belongings.

Choosing a good moving company will make your move smooth and hassle free!

Neither of the three is something you wish to encounter. Frauds can turn your move into an absolute nightmare through several types of scams. We will cover with a few tips on how to avoid moving scams. A bit less of a nightmare, but still rather inconvenient are the rude and low-quality ones that movers Englewood NJ can encounter. However, hopefully, at the end of this article, you will have a good idea on how you can avoid all of this, and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free move.

Movers Englewood NJ – Things to Look For

So as we mentioned before, what we are trying to do is just show you which way to go when looking for your moving company. We want you to avoid frauds and unprofessional movers since these can turn your moving experience into a nightmare. There is no specific order you should follow these rules in, but our suggestion is to take the steps as we’ve written them. As an end result, you will end up with a moving company best suited to your specific needs and expectations.


As silly as it might seem, it’s logical when you think about it. Before you do anything before you start your research and screening and all that – listen to recommendations. Maybe one of your friends or family had a move recently. If so, they already had to go through all the steps of hiring the right moving company. Two things you can learn from them:

  1. You might learn about a moving company you wish to hire
  2. You might learn about which one you never wish to hire

Either way, it is very useful info! This goes for all Bergen County movers!

Initial Research

After you get your recommendations, if any, you will proceed to do research on your own. Given the amount of information you can find online we can agree that ignorance is a choice. There are countless forums you can go to in order to see feedback about a certain moving company. There are, also, some legitimate official websites where you can check this. You could go to the American Moving and Storage Association and learn whether a moving company you wish to hire belongs as a member. We would strongly advise against those that aren’t.

Use your laptop to research potential candidates for your move online.

Do your research!

Also, if a moving company ended up being fraudulent there will probably be a footprint of such activities online. If I was a victim of such a fraud I would make sure that I am very loud about it online in order to prevent anyone else from getting scammed. If there were such victims I am almost certain they are doing the same. So once you narrow down your choice to a few moving companies, look up their names and try to find some ‘dirt’ on them. You could also go to a website that is user-advocated, where you can find information about potential scammers.

License and Insurance?

One of the most important criteria you are looking for in a moving company is their insurance and license. Quite honestly, this is the bare minimum. I dare not engage in anything further if they do not possess this. They may seem cheaper and seem like a very nice chance to save a few bucks, but if they are lacking these two – they will most likely cost you a bunch of coin down the road. We urge the movers Englewood NJ to be very careful with this.

This unstable stack of coins is a representation of how unstable your move might be if you had a moving company without insurance.

Even though the company might seem cheap at start, try not to loose too much money down the road.

If you are trying to determine whether they are licensed or not, you will be looking for the US DOT number. This is a unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. If you are able to locate their US DOT number, that doesn’t mean that this is final and fully legitimate. You need to go to the official online database and verify that the number is legitimate.

The same site where you checked their US DOT number can provide information about their insurance (if any). You should never use services of a company that is not insured and licensed. It would be the equivalent of giving an underaged teenager to drive your moving truck. It may seem cool, but when executed it proves to be a total disaster. Basically, if a moving ‘company’ lacks insurance and a license, it usually means that you are faced with a bunch of dudes who own a truck and do this as a side job. Sure, they charge less, but do you really wish to entrust your belongings to them?

Call the Company for an Estimate

Movers Englewood NJ will want the selected companies to come and do an estimate. Once you go through all the research and find a few companies that are legit (at least on paper), you will want them to come to the site and do an estimate. Do not engage in any phone-call estimates and stuff alike. The only valid estimate is an estimate that happens on the site. Also, have several different companies estimate the same site. Once they do, compare the estimates and see which one is better for you.

Hope this helped!

We wish you the best of luck!



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