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Traits of good storage units in NJ

Choosing a storage unit when you’re moving can help with a lot of relocation mess. Sometimes it’s much easier to store your things and send them to your new home than to haul them there. But, if you choose a bad store facility, you could regret it! So, before you contact your local movers NJ to schedule your moving day,  make sure to check out the top traits of good storage units in NJ to know which of the storage facilities will be best for you.

Distance and availability

One of the key traits of good storage units in NJ is its proximity to you. Your storage unit needs to be close to either your old home or your new one. Why is it important? Well, it matters for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you need to go for the unit yourself, you’ll not want to haul it far. On the other hand, if you’re having the unit delivered to the new address, you want it closer to your old home in order to pack it easier.

being far away from the destination is not one of the traits of good storage units in NJ

Check the locker’s distance. If it’s too far away, there’s no point in renting it.

The next thing you need to check is the locker’s availability. Can you access it during the weekend or at odd hours? It may not seem like much, but being able to access your storage facility whenever you want is a quality you might need. Last but not the least, your locker facility should have a decent parking to go with it. The worst thing that can happen is that you need to move a large item from your storage and your car is far far away cause there’s no parking.


Ever needed a smaller storage unit but al you could get were the huge ones? Or having to split your things into two lockers because there isn’t one big enough for your things? Well, this is why being able to customize the service you’re getting from the locker and the staff is another one of the traits of good storage units in NJ. You’ll need to look for a couple of personalization factors:

  • size/space – you should have a wide variety of locker sizes to choose from. If none of them are big enough the right storage facilities will offer you warehouses. It works the same the other way around, too. You should be able to find a storage unit with the size perfectly matched for your needs.
  • pick up/delivery – the providers of storage should be able to pick up or deliver your locker. This is one of the traits of good storage units in NJ
  • other services – every storage company can be different. Ask them about the services they provide, you may be surprised. There are a lot of storage facilities which provide more than what’s asked. You should look for one of those for yourself.
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You can find the perfect storage for your needs.

Payment options

Another thing you should be able to customize (at least to a degree) is the way you pay for your storage unit. Forst of all, you’ll need to know how to pay. The storage facility rep will inform you of that. Try to avoid paying for anything in cash and up front. At least if you don’t get a legal receipt for it. All in all, good storage facilities should provide a choice of payment options.

stacks of one dollar bills are one way to pay for your storage

Adaptive payment is one of the traits of good storage units in NJ

Next thing you’ll need to get information on is the late fee. All storage companies have a different policy for being late with your rent. Some give you a 3 month period to return and pay all you’re due. Some involve lawyers pretty quickly and others just take your stuff and sell it. Even though none of these options are pretty, you’ll still want to know what to expect.

Traits of good storage units in NJ: Security

Even though we sometimes take it for granted, we should still mention it. One of the most important things a good storage facility must have is security. Your things in the storage must be safe from many different things such as:

  • humidity – your things need to stay fry to prevent mold from forming.
  • elements – you’ll want to protect your things from the hot or the cold as well as rain and snow
  • insects – keeping the creepy crawlies out of your possessions is one of the best traits of good moving companies in NJ.
  • burglars  all the good storage facilities are well protected. They have guards and safety measures designed to protect your things from theft.
  • accidents – only the best storage units will protect your things from accidents as well. These are the ones which provide insurance for your items while they are in their care.
CCTV cameras meant to stop burglars

There should be some precautions against theft

Finally, in order to confident in your storage locker, you need to have an honest company representative. All good storage units have a trustworthy and an honest representative. You can learn a lot about the storage company from the rep they gave you. Having a good rep is a great quality. Because, what’s the point of hiring your reliable movers in NJ if your things disappear while in storage?

The unit and the company

Finally, the unit itself should show certain traits to be considered viable. First of all, a good unit must be clean. There is not a way anyone can keep your things safe and undamaged if they didn’t bother to clean the unit. The next thing you should be aware of are the employees. See how they treat you since employee politeness is one of the crucial traits of good storage units in NJ. Finally, check the company out with the Consumer Affairs Agency. If they don’t have any complaints or trials against them, they should be alright for you.


In the end, how much a unit suits you is the best trait you’ll want to look for in storage facilities NJ. Because you’ll be using it, the best thing is to find a storage that suits you perfectly. This is the most important of the traits of good storage units in NJ.

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